Hello Masturbators! Today I am  going to discuss how I can help premature ejaculators! No, I am not a trained medical professional but I’ve trained many cocks! Since this is Masturbation May and we are highlighting the joys of self love, I’m going to take this opportunity to address this distressing subject for many. That’s right , I’m looking right at you, two pump chump, minute man, ES (early squirter!).

What Is Premature Ejaculation

Technically , a premature ejaculation is an ejaculation that occurs before you want to orgasm or before your partner is completely satisfied. Your orgasm will usually render that penis ineffective for at least a little while! Premature ejaculation is probably more common than you think! According to a Cleveland  clinic article Premature Ejaculation happens with 30-40% of males at some point in their lives! You are not alone!  But what can you do about your early squirting situation? I know many of you will be hesitant to go to your GP and confess your challenges. But you are more than eager to talk with me, and ask for help! I can certainly address and help you with various behavioral techniques that will improve your stamina. Some which are in the article, others well I don’t think the Cleveland clinic is going to publish some of MY ideas! Too fucking sexy! ha!

Support for Premature Ejaculators

For your behavior modification (and that is what we are doing) I offer  support, encouragement, experience and accountability. We know from other forms of behavior modification, quitting smoking, losing weight, having fitness goals, is when people employ a partner with their endeavor they have greater success than when they try to go it alone!

As mentioned in the article, referenced above, sometimes stress or being nervous can lead to an early orgasm. I’m the perfect female to help you through your jitters! Help you build confidence in your penis and his performance! Do those first fuck date jitters cause your downfall? Sometimes roleplaying helping you practice your behaviors, and gain that confidence with supportive constructive criticism and interpreting your “male speak” to what Women actually hear can also identify and help tweak your approach.

Help For Premature Ejaculators

Premature Ejaculation

Problem? I have a solution for you!

With all of the above established, I will ask you many of the same questions outlined in the article, to help us focus on the possible cause. Is it stress or nerves? Is it lack of experience? Are you familiar with your body, your arousal and how to control that arousal?

I have found that many males are not in touch with their bodies and their arousal process. Simply by teaching you how to get in touch can help you improve your staying power! I know males are conditioned to “hurry up” and cum.

Years of surreptitiously  getting those orgasms IN, although this is necessary (at times) it does write to your subconscious mind “what you are supposed to do” , so your brain and body are conditioned to orgasm as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately this habit written into your behavioral M.O. is not conducive to please your female partner so some counter conditioning is in order!

Some Techniques To Employ To Stave Off Orgasm

Stop and start- is a good  technique. However there are some nuances left out, about the actual mechanics and “control factors” which we need to review and implement as well. Cock control is popular and I’ve written about how phone sex with the focus on premature ejaculation can and does help!

Tantric Masturbation– using many of the principles behind tantric masturbation will help you get in touch and stay in touch to your bodies arousal level.

Exercises- There are specific pelvic floor exercises you can practice which will absolutely pay off!

Increasing your tolerance- learning to process increased levels of stimulus both physical and psychological to help desensitize you and/or create methods on which to manager that increase of stimulation. Often some men only have PE issues when with a partner, and that is mainly do to that increase in stimulus! After all looking at and imagining worshiping breasts is on one level. Actually being up front and personal with a lovely pair is a whole new level!

Much More Depending– AKA: What the F does that mean Mistress? LOL! I have many tricks and tools of the trade that I may or may not employ. Some are products on the market, easily acquired. Most are just at your hands reach. You see, each person is individual and the fabulous thing is- I do not have a cookie cutter solution for everyone! Depending on your challenges depends on what advice and techniques I may use.

Premature Ejaculators Humiliation Help

You read that correctly! I offer help for the premature ejaculator who doesn’t want to improve his staying power. He wants someone to encourage his two minute performance and  even shorten that time! Of course with loads and loads of humiliation fun! For those less initiated in the art of erotic humiliation, it is as difficult to come by a Woman skilled, experienced and is willing to humiliate you over your quick draw performance! We are taught we are not supposed to actively humiliate folks and that is a social construct difficult for most to process and bypass.

This is  why there are professional humiliatrixes! We understand the erotic nature of erotic humiliation, what it does to you and for you! I make no apologies for being fantastic at my craft, I am situationally appropriate after all. I also understand humiliation is an erotic tool. No different from a vibe or butt plug! It’s a tool to stimulate and elicit the lovely hormonal response to up that arousal!


Regardless if you want help for your premature ejaculation  to improve your staying ability or wanting to be humiliated over your sooner nation membership I’m here for you! As mentioned above I am not a medical professional but I have helped some wade through all the muck of your PE and determine that some really should continue the conversation with their medical expert.

Until We Chat 💋
Mistress Erika

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