AKA: How Do You Masturbate, cause I wanna change it! Come on, who’s up for spicing up the self love time? I know I am. Are you the kinda person who always orders their favorite dish at a restaurant, never to sample the other fair? Well it’s time to sample, baby! 

Stroke Porn Cum

When you have that itch are you a “stroke to porn and orgasm” kinda guy? Is that how you masturbate more often than not? Sure that’s fun ,and gets the job done in the most expeditious fashion! What about adding a hot hot element to your masturbation session? ME! We can connect via skype, or email and we’ll share links and have fun! Or we can search for the same vid using keywords on your favorite site!

I do however, offering BFT (best friend therapy) encourage you to put away that porn more often than not and masturbate using various sensations, imagination and toys! 

JOI Instructions

As mentioned in previous blogs on guided masturbation giving up your stroking routine to me, and having me guide your masturbation is pretty kinky! I love to find out how you masturbate and then change it up! Add JOI instructions to a hot role play for example! One I like is therapeutic guided masturbation  I am the therapist and you the patient, who needs a very special brand of “stress relief”! 

I know some I speak with don’t think guided masturbation is really “that kinky” but think about it. It really is! I know you’ve been playing with your penis for quite sometime, isn’t it about time to let someone else? I certainly think so!

Orgasm Learned Response

So however you’ve learned to orgasm,  let’s change it up. Sure it might be a bit frustrating at first, your body getting use to different stimuli, satin vs hand. Pillow vs pocket pussy. Perhaps even introducing a naughty new element like anal play. Wait, don’t run now! Trust me, it doesn’t “MAKE YOU GAY”! I think ever man should play with his ass, or let me play with it at least twice! Once for you to get over your inhibitions, then the second time for you to really “get into it” if after then you say “No way”, I’ll respect your decision.  Just know however we change things up I know we’ll  have fun. The best part is the ensuing orgasm will be great, and you won’t be disappointed.   Not sure where to start, or where to go? That’s why I’m here. Pushing your boundaries providing you a safe place to explore is the best part of what I do. 

Ready to change things up? Connect with me and let’s  have some fun!

Until we chat????

Naughty Erika

How do you masturbate?
How do you masturbate? I want Your Cock!