How to make time for kink is the topic of my last blog of 2018. I speak with a lot of people who are not able to explore their kinky side in the life they have found themselves in. They go weeks or months (years?!) repressing their interest and desires and sometimes it doesn’t bode well for them or those around them. You see not only is your kink hot and orgasmic (well, depending on the kink, #Denial ha ha), but it is also freeing and a stress reliever! Much like yoga or meditation it helps recenter you, helps you feel fulfilled.

Time for Kink

Of course our hot~n~sexy sessions are a fantastic way to get your kink on! But for some, work and other responsibilities get in the way! The alone time for a phone call and subsequent activities (????????) is far and few between. I get it, that’s why there’s never a need for “I’m sorry, I haven’t called in a while.” I’m happy to hear from you and pick up where we left off. But time for your kink doesn’t necessarily mean a phone session!  We can use our Sexy Texting options. Using email, Skype or even our own chat room! So much fun to tease you via text when you are not able to act on that raging hard-on! Oh, and don’t forget training via texting such as sissy shopping, add your video feed to Skype and we can work on your walk, sitting, just about anything needed. I have even had sexy texting “session” when the other person isn’t able to text back!   I have a fun client who I’ve gotten to know,  what she likes and doesn’t like. She’ll pop up and say “I miss you! I bought ten minutes of sexy texting, talk naughty, you know what I like! ” Which means whip up a ten min fantasy for her to read and “enjoy” later!  I’ve also done similar with an email exchange. You get the time, I write and write and write then send you my musings for the past 10-15-20 minutes or more. Sounds like fun? It is!

Kinky Activities

In addition to sessions, Enchantrix offers other avenues for you to have some time for kink. Only have a few minutes while waiting for something? Jump over to one of our forums, see what’s going on; some which are easily accessible from any browser. In to feminization? Sissyfication?
Check out:

Cock control fan? Like to hear the erotic whispers of your favorite Mistress? Or check out a new Mistress? You can stop by Tease Mania.

If the traditional forums (format) are not your thing, we always have Enchantrix Empire, our own little kinky network!
You can share your kink in a welcoming safe environment as well as see posts and interact
with Enchantrix Mistresses!

Click to go to Enchantrix!

Erotic Audio

Enchantrix offers you a library of erotic audio’s for sale, so no matter when you have a little time for kink you can have the musings of your favorite Mistress to keep you company. Thinking about something a bit more custom? We can do that too.  I love doing custom audio’s. Either with you writing the script or discussing a script and letting me write it.  Find out more about pricing at :

Custom Erotic Audio’s

There are more ways for you to find time for your kink, but I’ll save that for another day. Submit and commit to finding more ways to enjoy your kink.




Wishing you a happy New Year!
Until we chat ????,
    Mistress Erika