What a fantastic weekend! I had a very stimulating conversation, it was with a  humiliated cuckold. I also hung out for over seven hours of the Cock Radio Marathon, celebrating ten years of Cock Radio! Then on Sunday  kayaking ! Guess which one I’d like to talk about today? Oh you are brilliant, that’s right! The humiliated cuckold! 🙂

Humiliated Cuckold

Humiliated Cuckold 1-800-601-6975


Without a doubt a cuckolding scene is fraught with humiliating factors.  I’ve written about various opportunities for humiliation in previous blogs, the most recent is Cuckolding Humiliation Elements.  I think we could probably talk about cuckolding for hours and  just touch upon the various triggers and particulars of each cuck out there. It’s why the whole scene is fascinating!

Humiliated Cuckold

You started out by being cheated on, and instead of leaving getting upset, you did nothing. about your suspicions about your roommate taking your girlfriend. Your fantasies  explored the tremendous turn on you experienced. Then when you found out without a doubt your girlfriend and roommate  had become lovers the erotic humiliation compelled you to comply and submit to their whims .  You didn’t know why being cuckolded turned you on.  All you knew the more she fucked him, the less your cock got attention. But that was just fine with you, wasn’t it?

Eventually you weren’t allowed in her pussy at all, masturbating or humping her leg was your pleasure.  Tasting him on her was your sexual treat, she’d give you now and again. It became a bit of routine when she would go an visit him in his room, giving a plausible explanation,  at first. Like helping pick out a gift for his girlfriend. Oh yes, he was having two pussy’s. You weren’t getting one.

Humiliated Cock sucking Cuckold Toy

Then after a series of events ,  you now are participating. You never thought you would or could. But now you suck his cock, eat her cream pie. Not too unusual for a cuckolding scene right? The special thing about this scene is no one seems to pay too much attention to you. Your wife doesn’t directly tease you, with look or deed.  But you hear her sexy talk with another man, how good he feels. But you look on, and are aroused by it. You wait until your master instructs his human sex toy to preform his next task.  Fluff his cock, lick his spunk from your wife’s hot pussy.  Why even if it’s his whim to have a blow job from your wife, as you drive them somewhere, well that’s exactly what is going to happen! Your wife eagerly and hungrally devouring him in the back seat!  See cuck, you are  “just a toy”  to him or “just happen to be there” when his cock cries for your wife’s attention.  You’re okay with it. You’re okay with it all, as you stroked your humiliated manhood to orgasm.

Until next time!