Hello naughty kinksters, as some of you might know I am recovering from one of the worst hurricanes to hit our state. I wrote about my experience in my Hurricane Updateย post. At first blush I seem to be processing and overcoming the effects of the storm, I know from the anxiousness and sadness I feel when going out and about, viewing the destruction that I still have some healing to do.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Over the past few weeks, seeing how my community and community neighbors are faring with this disaster I become ever more grateful that I came through relatively unscathed. Enchantrix Haper, of fetish phone sex blog, with that heart of gold, asked if it was OK for her to make a donation to hurricane Ian relief in my name. I was honored and thrilled she would make that offer, Thank you, Harper!

But like most things, I was inspired. Harper got my brain thinking (Uh oh! LOL)

Every day further from the storm, I am becoming more aware and grateful that I made it through relatively unscathed. Many around me haven’t been as lucky.

So to move along my healing, and to pay it forward I am going to donate a percentage of all of my calls to Hurricane Ian Relief! It will help me, move forward and help others as well!

How you can help

From October 23rd to the 29th I will tally my income from all sessions, phone, text, skype, audio sales, and even virtual bouquets are included. I will donate a two-figure percentage to help others!

What’s in it for you?

Well for one you get to spend some sexy time with me!ย  Second: From all the sessions I have during that week, I will put you in a pot to win one of two prizes! Two prizes in total.
One lucky helper will receive Ten Free Minutes added to their next paid call.
One other lucky helper will receive 20 free minutes via skype, either texting or voice-over skype!

If you want to help but cannot session this week, please visit my phone sex assignment store offerings as well as my phone sex audio offerings. I do expect a backup on custom audio requests, so as long as you commission the audio during that week, but don’t get the audio to you until later, it still counts!

Right now I’m looking to donate to the Salvation Army, they have been down here helping in any way they can, with hot meals free to go and more! They have a presence in a neighboring county.
I do not like to give to “mock” charities,ย  you know the ones whose administration fees are more than the money they spend to help! I think I’m safe, with the Salvation Army please reach out to me
privately to discuss any concerns.

Until We Chat ๐Ÿ’‹

Trauma-recovering Mistress Erika