Exploring Ignore sessions is first up on my submissive male play series. Last month I talked about submissive male types, so a natural segue would be to talk about the ways you can submit. Often a submissive is more attracted to a particular type of play. JOI , for example. Where I control that cock, giving you naughty ways to play, edge and earn that lovely orgasm! So on with ignore sessions

The Most Humiliating Submissive Male Play

For some who are into humiliation, to be ignored during session is the most severe, the MOST humiliating, of all types of humiliation sessions. I agree with them!  As I pointed out on my profile I will Ignore You, and in a blog about ignore humiliation sessions,  most types of male submissive play we are interacting. You are getting my attention even if it is to laugh, point at your sad sack self. Or feeling the sting of my paddle.

Not with ignore calls. I don’t interact and you do exactly as I’ve instructed. Kneeling and waiting in a corner. Laying with arms plastered to your sides as you listen in to Your Goddess and some of her private life. But is it the MOST humiliating? I’ve given that further thought.

Is There Anything More Humiliating Than an Ignore session

Understanding that humiliation is subjective. We ponder this question. What humiliates one person might not “do it” for another. Spanking that bare ass in session, on cam for me is quite humiliating and arousing for some. However,  take that interaction more public, with a multi Mistress call, or other consensual adult play not so arousing or fun.

But if you add the element of blindfold, or even ear muffs, the slave is rendered mute and deaf for the duration of the session without even the benefit of hearing his Goddess, wow. That is perhaps even more humiliating?

What do you think? I want to hear from you, humiliation aficionado’s. Keep it PG 13, what you would consider more humiliating than being ignored and comment below!

Ways To Be Ignored

Mistress, as suggested above, has you performing chores while you listen in.
You might be made to do a few minutes on each of your submissive poses to remind you of your place.
You could be turned into an item of furniture, a foot rest.
Or for the luckiest of ignore pets become a chair for his Goddesses divine ass to sit upon.
The list is endless, and if you are interested in ignore calls I want to hear from you!

Submissive Male Types

One of the submissive male types I spoke about in a recent blog is one of a natural submissive. The pet interested in ignore calls often have natural submissive desires, to serve and please with other intimate acts, sans sexual. Combine this submissive male type with humiliation and you have a pet primed to be drawn to find their purpose and place being ignored.

Reasons Why Someone Craves To Be Ignored

As an act of obedience and devotion I had an ignore pet of mine send me his thoughts on why he is drawn to ignore

I will ignore you

18+ only Erotic Ignore Calls


Here are my reasons for liking ignore calls.

1. The hierarchy reason. I have always known that i am at the bottom of
the social hierarchy in life in all areas. Even below all the males.
Losers like me on this level should be ignored by Elites in society.

2. I know i can never be equal to a women. As i can’t support a women in
any way. Including financially.

3.  Elites like you are way out of my league. Which means you should
never ever have to talk to me or pay attention to me. Even when i pay
You for it. You always have something more important You can be doing
rather then talking to me.

4. I am really afraid of women. So this really makes it hard for me to
speak to women.

5. I am your slave. slaves don’t really speak to elites or get any
attention from Elites at all.

6. I am kind of a boring or dull person to talk to. This doesn’t matter
anymore on ignore calls.

7. It is more humiliating to be ignored then any other kind of
humiliation. It just means i am unworthy of your attention.

Then tops off his offering with this delicious wish for his Goddess.

Hopefully there will be more who want to be ignored. I know you likely
have more callers who should be ignored like me.

Punishment Or Pleasure

Often being ignored is used as a punishment for a submissive. An hour, two or several days where Mistress has put you in a submissive “time out”. Have you ever been subject to this type of humiliating punishment? I wonder what you did to earn this treatment! Comment below, keeping it pg13!

But as we ponder the motivations and the head space of the submissive in this scene, I’m sure you’ll agree that although humiliating , it is quite pleasurable for this style of submissive male. He doesn’t have to interact with me , perfect for a shy submissive.  He is also scared of Women and is more comfortable looking at the floor, her feet than embarrass himself further by looking into her (he’s positive he’ll see) her smirking mocking lips.

You see he is no stranger to being on the fringes of society. No stranger to seeing looks ranging from pity to disdain. Being male also causes an interesting dynamic and how it plays out in “this person”  “or that” is interesting to me!
Their low self esteem has a vicious tug and pull with their biological directive. I am the solution. I provide In this case, knowing they could never be a true friend let a lone lover find a place of service Able  to bask in my energy. Being of service to a woman, having a place and purpose in this world is what I offer you, it’s an offer you gladly accept and relish! Why you’ll call.

What Can I Do On An Ignore Call

Although I’ve mentioned some of my activities during an ignore session, what would be interesting for me to do on an ignore call? Granted, ignore calls are not for every type of submissive male,  or submissive male play. But I do want to hear your thoughts!

Until We Chat (or don’t! Ha ha) ????
Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika