Hello and Welcome to 2020! Starting the Year Off Right with a bit more on the sissy Samantha journey! If you remember I wrote a bit about a fantasy I had about the information Sexy Samantha shared with me. If you didn’t catch it you can check it out here: Interview With A Sissy.  Today we take a peek a bit further down the road. It seems that Samantha was an active little slut and sampled the local Femdoms around the country!  Today’s entry is a bit more of her erotic confession with a bit of Mistress insight/comments. Enjoy!

The excitement of my first submission to a Feminization Dominatrix led to return visits to my first Mistress wherein my development as a subservient sissy continued.  But also I began looking for Femdom Mistresses in other cities to which I traveled. With each one I learned to be completely obedient and a willing and sexy sissy.

As is typically the case. Once you get a taste you yearn for more. Are there people out there who fantasize about being feminized and when it actually happens , it’s like “Ok, that was fun but not as much fun as in the fantasy”? Sure, I’m sure there are. Not every fantasy is made to come to fruition. Our horny naughty brains can eroticize all kinds of things. Doesn’t mean you should do some of them; AKA; Dick in a pool suction do-ma-thingie. Mr. “That hoover is looking mighty fine”.

So if you go for your first Feminization Session and you find yourself yearning for more its “not a phase” , “not a thing”. It is part of who you are and you should explore it more! That’s what this slut did. Check  it out….

A Mistress in a northeastern city feminized me completely in a maid’s uniform with a short black skirt over a fluffy white crinoline slip with black fishnet hosiery and black stiletto heels.  After some exciting foreplay, She cuffed my wrists and ankles, bent me and tied me over a padded table, and pegged me with three different strap-ons of increasing size.  She would not stop until I begged her to give me full and deep strokes with the largest one, which I did in complete submission to Her Dominance.  Only then did She un-cuff me and tell me to jack off for Her.  She wanted my cum in a small cocktail glass and when She got it, She made me drink it all and lick the glass.

Don’t you find it interesting that the information from Sissy Samantha gives is like listing the ingredients to a favorite recipe? You know she was humbled and humiliated. You know her sissy brain was on fire, and falling deep into submission at the same time.

A Mistress in a southern city dressed me from head to toe like a slut and then required me to drive to a nearby sex club.  She met me there and required that I walk from car to car throughout the parking lot introducing myself and suggesting to the various men waiting in the parked cars that they come inside to play.  She took me inside and walked throughout the club with me on a collar and leash.

When she had gathered a crowd, she put me on my hands and knees on a padded table and worked me over with her strap-on with a crowd of horny men watching.  She kept encouraging the men to step in a take over, but they were unwilling to try to match her strength, energy and sheer aggression from behind me.

Don’t you just love the amped up that humiliation? Now, some sluts have a hard boundary regarding going out. Know that it is OK to have boundaries and any Mistress should respect them. Just as you respect Mistress’ boundaries.

Finally, a Mistress in a far western city worked me over with floggers and paddles until I was deeply in subspace.  After dressing me like a slut, she revealed that she had made arrangements for me with the staff at a local bathhouse.  She put me in her car and drove me to a street corner one block from the bathhouse.

I had to walk back to the bathhouse in broad daylight and ask for Danny at the door, who would have the arrangements and my Mistress’ instructions for my return.  Danny took me to a locker and helped me undress and then took me to the basement where he cuffed my wrists and ankles and tied me over a special fucking horse with my head and shoulders through a large hole in the wall and the rest of me exposed to the large basement room I had entered.

Danny assured me that these arrangements were my Mistresses instructions when he placed condoms and a bottle of lube on my back and told me he would come back to check on me from time to time.  I can’t remember how many men used me that afternoon.

Danny finally came to get me, gave me a good scrub down in the shower and helped me get dressed.  He sent me back out to the corner to wait for my Mistress.  She finally picked me up, required a complete report on my servitude to Danny and the men of the club, and then sent me back to my hotel.

And Wow. Right!? How many dicks do you think this slut took? 5? 15? 55? Sissy Samantha is safe and whole now, she doesn’t mention it but this is a good place to remind you. Whenever playing with a Dominant, and the people who she brings into the play to have a safe word agreed upon. Samantha probably had a safe word, but evidently with the above it just wasn’t needed. That’s a slut.

Being thoroughly used by Mistresses like these was overwhelming and unbelievably exciting.  I would think about each encounter for weeks afterward.  These experiences kept pressing me on in my journey to become Sissy Slut Slave Samantha.

Do you have fantasies like this? Have you done similar? I’d love for you to share!

Until We Chat

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika