Hi there fans, the last first Saturday where I feature some erotic writing I told you about Lisa. How Lisa “gets it,” her training, Those tasks all come together in her mind as she prepares for her coming out party. Check it out if you didn’t read it, then hop back here to read the rest! I know today isn’t Saturday but here for your sissy fantasy pleasure: Lisa TOTALLY “gets it”

Sissy Test

So there’s sissy Lisa all decked out in her sissy outfit. Satin dress with crinoline, stockings and Oh so HIGH heels! When she comes out , literally, the guests are all so impressed. Her manners are impeccable, as taught. She serves Mistresses guests their drinks and treats and is polite as they tease and “inspect” every inch of her.

Some comment on her clitty, “how cute” in those panties. Others appreciate how she walks in those heels. Still others notice her skin is soft and smooth. and then there’s that question of the rest of her “sissy skills” 

Sissy Gives Pleasure

Sissy Lisa is instructed to please Mistresses guests in any way they wish. A true test of any good sissy, to please Mistress by pleasing her guests. Sissy Lisa uses her mouth mostly as her clitty stick really isn’t something that is pleasing to anyone but herself. 

Licking and tasting, sucking and moaning. The ladies have such a good time as Sissy Lisa provides pleasure to them AS a sissy, knowing as her born self she could NEVER please a woman that way. Only through being a sissy can she ever hope to do so!

Mistress saves the best for last………

Sissy Gives Pleasure to Cock

So stud muffin offers Mistress a deal she can’t refuse. If he can have Sissy for a bit, then Mistress is going to benefit in more ways than one! Oh yea, one favor begets another, don’t you know. Bartering is a fantastic way to reap lots of bennies.

Reaping is exactly what Lisa did. Pleasing, sucking licking and making him feel like the man. Enjoying the love juices she created with her hands, mouth and her entire sissy self.

The entire evening, making sissy Lisa feel more like the sissy slut she IS.
Lisa did so well, we had an encore with Mistress Daphne! Where her final exam was not ONLY to please cock, but Ms D as well! 

What more went on? Darlings you’ll have to call me, or Lisa! This is an R rated blog, not X! 

Have fun!

Until we Chat,

Mistress Erika

By Pullite CC BY-SA 3.0  httpscreativecommons.orglicenessby-sa3.0- from Wikimedia Commons