Hey, kinky crew. The second installment of the long ride is here. If you’ve missed the first one, read it here.    Now get cozy , cuddle with your favorite toy, and read about the next hour in Clark’s little train ride.

The Long Ride: The Next Hour

Following her swaying ass down the corridor to her bunking area was enchanting. Clark’s heart thudding , stomach turning and cock thick and aroused.  He just couldn’t believe his dumb luck. Mind racing of images of this hottie sucking his cock, and riding her hard, her whimpering and crying for more of  his cock!  Chuckling to himself, imagining telling his friends about the strange he got on this trip! Yes, one for the history book of good ‘ol Clark. A foolish smirk and dreamy eyed look was on the young man’s face.

He didn’t notice when she stopped and turned to look at him until he almost ran into her with his bag. Suddenly becoming aware of her attention on him, he blushed as if she read his dirty thoughts right off his face. Six feet, golden haired, square jaw, classic good looks, just horribly, horribly awkward, she thought. Now he’s smirking thinking he’s getting pussy tonight. Her own wicked smile crept along her face as she made her next move,  ignoring that pompous smirk on his face.

She purred, “We’re here,” opened the door and entered the compartment. She entered passing a small, compact half bath, on her right. A bench decorated as a love seat ran along the bath side of the compartment. On the left, another longer bench that pulled out to a bed, and another bench above which was folded back, but also able to fold out for sleeping. It wasn’t too cramped and Clark found space above one of the benches to put his bag.

He sat down opposite of her, and she pretended to play with her phone.  Clark was reduced to the state uncertainty. He’d never met a woman like this before. She certainly knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to request it. He was intrigued , his mind and his groin were tingling. Please , please he prayed , whatever you do Clark,  DO NOT fuck this up. Evening was falling, and the super moon began to illuminate the compartment through the large center window as the train chugged  into the night.

Putting down her phone and pulling a large duffel from under the seat, she starts pulling out things and setting them down next to her on the bench.  Life like vibrating cock, silk scarves, cock ring, prostate massager,  and lastly, a pair of red silky panties.

Clark tried hard not to appear intimidated, swallowing hard, his heads exploding with the possibilities, and as his cock throbbed in his pants he heard “Take off your clothes and put these on.” In that very second, the silky, red panties flew across the cabin  onto his face, sliding down landing on his lap.

“What?!” he answered, indignantly. The vixen leaned over, putting her elbows on her knees, her blouse falling open revealing those beautiful breasts and she seethed. “I told YOU to put them on! Which part of my instructions at dinner were confusing to you?” she growled, and those golden eyes were ablaze as she glared at him.

He felt a bolt of fear and excitement race through his body, for a split second he considered leaving but watching her breasts heave as her anger increased, he felt glued to his seat, unable to resist. “Do it, do it NOW!” she bellowed. His trembling fingers went to his shirt unbuttoning one after the other. Then his pants, he hesitated ,suddenly embarrassed by his erection. But what the hell, his aroused cock and mind said go for it.

Sliding down his pants and his boxer briefs, his cock springs to attention. As he steps into the panties and begins to slide them up his legs, she suddenly and hurriedly gathered his clothes…… empty’s his pockets, stands up and leaves the compartment before he can utter a protest…… he wanted to go after her….. but…. his cock…… the panties…… FUCK what is this woman DOING!?

His cock throbs and jumps , betraying him………….

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