Let’s wrap up this month with loser humiliation lists.  Hi there, all. March has been largely filled with taking a look at erotic humiliation. Before I move on to other kinks, I think it’s only fitting to see if there’s a bigger loser out there than the one I’m rather keen on these days.  I think one of the biggest issues losers have is they just don’t realize they ARE a loser, and if they have an inclination loser may be their middle name, they certainly are not sure just how big of a loser they really are. You can have a lot more fun if you just admit and come to terms with what kind of loser you are.

Loser Humiliation I

Everyone is different, how they express their loser-dom. Some may feel they are loser-ish because their vehicle costs less than $50,000. Others, the threshold for being a loser is a bit more base; being a virgin in their thirty’s, eating frozen meals on weekends. For others, loser humiliation delves into  naughty humiliation assignments  to entertain Mistress. The important thing to remember is you are a loser. Period. Now on with a particularly delightful assignment.

Loser Humiliation II

Listing why you are a loser is a great way to put it out there, right in front of your eyes to see. Own it. Wear it. So, one of my loser pets did just that. Took the time and made a list of why he’s a loser. Reading them off one by one, I was kinda impressed at his level over loser-dom.  I’ll let him out himself in the comments, that’s how much of a tiny loser he is.  You crave it don’t you, pet?

Some of the items on his loser list were :

Loser Humiliation

Loser task: worship My Feet.

Diminutive man, not even 5’5″

Small Penis to match
Premature ejaculation
No self confidence
Loser job

You might scratch your head and say PE and a virgin? Well, the fact you can’t last two minutes with your own hand kinda supposes you won’t last long with a real warm pussy!

So, what constitutes loser job you ask? Again, I’ll let him humble himself further and tell you below. This will count as your third loser task, as your list was number one, then getting those loser items at the store. Now it’s time to take your shopping items and put them to good use. I need a bit of entertainment, my loser pet. Let’s have some fun!

Does your wee willy rise when I laugh and tease you about being a loser. Or perhaps a stern Mistress, smirking her superior smile as she has you crawling around, licking feet, shoes or whatever pleases me to have you do. Think you are a bigger loser than my pet above? Let’s play and have some fun with it!

Mistress Erika