So you are a pathetic loser?   Maybe you are not a pathetic loser, but the title caught your eye and you said to yourself  “Self, who does this person think they are calling someone that!”  Then, you marched your cyber ass over here to give me a “what for”? Didn’t ya?  Or maybe you know me from calls or around the Empire and have a big grin from ear to ear right now? Well, regardless of what got you here, welcome and let’s explore – pathetic losers. Please put your self righteous butt hurt tendencies aside or leave.  You won’t win. *mouah* Buckle up boys and dolls.

Pathetic Loser Submissive

Pathetic Loser

Pathetic Loser Fun

Last week I spoke about the psychology of your submission and various ways people react to particular stimuli, in a submissive manner. One of those ways, was humiliation.  The stricter the tone, feeling dominated by word and/or deed the better it is. The better it is, the more you crave and a cycle is born.    I also think the humiliation we engage in gets better, with more depth the more I get to know you.

There are a great deal of ways to humiliate someone.  From sensual humiliation to harsher humiliation. Some of the more popular are cckolding, coerced bi, foot worship, objectification.

But the humiliation we are looking at today is: pathetic loser humiliation. Certainly pathetic loser humiliation CAN include the aforementioned, but not necessarily.

Reasons You are Pathetic

So we’ll start in the beginning , you explaining why you are such a pathetic loser. Are you a horrible lover, small penis?  Can’t do half the things a real man can do with his cock? SP humiliation is typically short lived (ha!) as you tiny dickers don’t hold off very well.  But, if it’s not your small cock what it is? Most of you losers know, you have a list. Share it.

Or we can do it another way, we can certainly chat about everyday events, I’m sure your loser-ish ways will rise to the surface. Soon I’ll be pointing out how whiny you are and no wonder a woman won’t spread her legs for you! For what? Why would a woman like me spread her  legs for you?  How about the fact your tighty whities  are more like camo grey.   eek. Awkward. You’re insecure, need a lot. A LOT of work.  I’m a wise woman, I’ll find a place for you. loser. I’m willing to take you under my wing and make something of you. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.  ????

Pathetic Loser Play

How do you like your loser play? Do you like loser tasks? Let’s play, and I’ll send you on some fantastic loser tasks for my amusement and pleasure!  More intimate play on your mind? Great, let’s negotiate and get those hormones ripping through your body. Heart racing, hearing your heart in your ears. You, though. You have a woody, it turns you on! *laughing* Wow, that’s special, let’s do some more! You ignite  my mind, my body with your reaction to my humiliation. It really is fantastic.

Humiliatrix Mistress Erika