Masturbation May is here and I have a Stroke-a-thon challenge for you! A few of my sexy Mistress friends are ready to have some fun! But first what kind of fun can you have?  There is a butt-ton of sexy goings on! Well, maybe I exaggerate just a bit. A butt ton was a bit over the top, but that doesn’t detract from the sexy fun and specials you can enjoy from being in our orbit! So without any more exaggeration, keep your hands on top of the keyboard, regardless of how uncomfortable your pants feel, and let’s dive into the fun masturbation May will bring

Empire Wide Masturbation Celebration

Let’s face it you call us for a good time, and we provide that tenfold! Not only do we have a plethora of beautiful Mistresses with various styles and specialties, but we

Masturbation May Sexy Phone sex specials, stroke for mistress 1-800-601-6975 18+

also offer a unique experience. We know you, we appreciate you trusting us with your erotic needs. Therefore, when we can we like to thank those in our orbit with some special treats.

  • back by popular demand: 20% off all multiple Mistress calls!
  • Enjoy early “morning wood” play with ten-minute calls! Between 3 am and 9 am (eastern) for only $20.00. Want a longer call, you’ll still win with 9.95 off your call.
  • Double perks point day is back!  It’s on Cinco de Stroke stroke! 🤭 I may have taken some liberties here.😯😋
    To clarify:  May 5, if you are an Enchantrix Perks Member you’ll earn two points, instead of one, with your session purchase. Not signed up? Do it now, your next session counts!
  • Cock Control Is our focus site of the month! So you know our social media, blogs, and our phone sex assignment store will have a lot of fun for you in May!








How My Mistress Friends And I Will Make Masturbation May Even Hotter

In May you can combine the Company Special of 20% off with a hot little game I created! With this sexy offer I have in the Phone Sex Assignment Store: Stroke-A-Thon Challenge Masturbation May is going to be your favorite month of the year! Are you ready for mind-blowing Masturbation May with this challenge?

>> Sign Up For The Stroke-A-Thon Challenge < <

And you get Free naughty emails with me. We will exchange an email or two, first with you submitting your Stroke-A-Thon Application. We’ll get the preliminaries out of the way. I ask which Mistress or Mistresses you’d like to join us for our game, and information about your desires. It’s like naughty confession time, included! Now guys, hold onto your nuts because with this opportunity I will allow you to send a D picture with your application! Please let me know if it is just for me, or if I can share it with the Participating Mistresses.

I typically don’t allow for adult conversation, or intimate pictures before we do a session. But with your outlay of $10.00, you get some sweet treats and I can relax and know I’m dealing with 18+. I know you understand.

Pick Me and another participating Mistress, three Mistresses? Yes, Please! More? Sure! The more the merrier, each Mistress will take control of that cock, and tell you how to stroke, or masturbate. It’ll be like a circle jerk, except we are virtually circling around you  Our goal is to get you cum, your job is to hold it! Easy right? If you hold that cum, then we are going to reward you BIG TIME! Each Mistress has donated a sexy gift if you last!

Masturbation May Means We Are Having Fun With Your Cock

From guided masturbation with little control over that cock, to full control when you submit and hand over ownership of that cock to us, you know Mistress guiding your masturbation is hot! So two or more would be fantastic! Each woman with her own sweet yet commanding instruction has your cock throbbing and aching to cum. Are you an excellent edger? How much fun would it be to count how many you do! Orgasm Edging is mind-blowingly hot for BOTH Of us! The fact there’s another Mistress or Mistresses witness to your torment is scorching hot! Bet you can hear them now,  commenting, giggling, and making you delirious.

Now let’s pump it up, and add watching you on cam! Our teasing taunting and very sexy instructions are so much more fun when there’s nothing to hide! Adding some CFNM fun along with your session smashes the ceiling of kinky long-distance domination!

How The Stroke-a-thon Challenge Offer Works

Sessions are 20 minutes minimum. Maximum? Well, how much time do you have, mister? Let’s chat and we’ll set that bar high, Sir goons- a -lot! (stop you know I love my gooners! I made some of you into one! Ha!) Reach out to me using email or Skype. The information is in the stroking packet you get when you purchase.

You email me and tell me what other Mistress or more you would like to join us. The participating Mistresses are Erika, Daphne, Rachel, Danica,Olivia, Mandy, Fiona, Harper, and Maya

If you orgasm before we allow, then you lost the challenge! You received some naughty interaction from me, and a hot time and hopefully got to know a new Mistress! Your parting gift is your orgasm.
(insert loser horn here, Ha!)

If you last until we say, we’ll email you your prizes!

For those gooners who can last 60 minutes or more, the Mistresses on the call will add an additional ten free* as another gift!
  (making your session, 70-minutes)

The ten free cannot be carried over and must be used at the time after a paid 60-minute session is completed, making the session 70 minutes (or more if you purchased more)
minutes cannot be carried over

When You Purchase This Stroke-a-thon Challenge Package You Will Receive:

Your $10.00 (introductory offer, goes to 14.99 after May)
Breaking it down:

-Stroker application, giving me some of your dirty deets
-Free erotic emails (NSFW and sexy talk allowed, these are not your typical email exchanges)
-Sexy gift from the Mistresses, if you win.
-Option to send (one) intimate picture of your cock, only with your stroke-a-thon application.
– Free sexy task to warm you up for a session. You earn your task once we schedule the appointment.
– Sessions are extra and not included with your $10.00 purchase.

When you submit your application you will include possible session dates and times. Once I receive your application I will reach out to the Mistress(s) you selected and fill her in.
Once we schedule an appointment and if it is amenable to the other Mistress(es), I will let you know that you may reach out to the other Mistress(s) with your humble gratitude for agreeing to control that cock.

So what are you waiting for? Check out your sexy option and act on it today! Here’s a link to the Multiple Mistress Call information and don’t forget for May 2023 you will receive 20% off your session!

Here are the participating Mistresses and click on the audio to hear our voices and our sexy teases!