Hello and welcome to Masturbation Humiliation 3, in my fantasy series: Masturbation Humiliation serving temperatures. In my first two blogs in the series I covered Mild and Medium examples of what you might choose in your humiliation dish. Today we are covering Caliente!


Do you like your masturbation humiliation spicy? The more degrading, the more you have to work for that orgasm the better it is? Why don’t we see if we can’t cook something up to your liking? We can start with the basics and go from there.

Masturbation Humliation

Masturbation Humiliation

First, your orgasms have not been your own for a very long time. The most intense masturbation humiliation is all inclusive.
1-Permission, always needed.
2-If I cannot watch/be there then a full written report is required. Better polish those writing skills.
Your ability to orgasm is predicated on your grade.
A= Live as “normal”
B= Two weeks without orgasm
C= Four weeks without orgasm
D= You don’t want to get a D or below.

For special occasions, like Mistress Day for example, we are going atomic hot hot hot!

I love it when you watch me get ready for our date. So, come on over, wash my back while I’m in he tub. Mmmm, nice. Drying off I ask you to pick a bra and matching panties set for me to wear, and don’t forget pair of thigh highs. I know how you love to touch that soft fabric, and handling my intimates is exciting for you. Helping me put them on, I’m feeling very sensual and ready to play! Slipping on a little nothing of a dress, I turn my attention to you.

These white silk boxers will be nice with your beige linen slacks, casual shirt. Nice, the shirt isn’t too long. As you dress, your growing excitement is obvious. Slipping on a silicone 8 ball ring, per my request, you come out for inspection. My,my, that ring is making your package mighty attractive. Like a push up bra for your jewels!

Night Of Play

Nice evening out, dancing and playing. Your crotch constantly reminding you of our game. You’ve managed to keep your boner from offending anyone, and you even purposely spilled a drink on yourself to hide your intimate “wet spot”, and perhaps to cool yourself down! It was bad of me, wasn’t it? I caused a bit of a mess stroking you under the table as we chatted with others. A few drinks in me always makes me more devilish! Finishing our drinks,I make a few calls. I lean in and whisper to you: you It’s time for a surprise. I drive us to the new adult bookstore, a state of the art facility. Sex isn’t dirty and hidden here. It’s more like going into an upscale spa than your stereotypical sticky floor, dark den of inequity shack in the woods.

Once we arrive, I weave you through the aisles. Oh-in and ah-ING over this sexy toy and that. I teasingly take a pair of pink fluffy hand cuffs and cuff your hands behind you. Brushing up against you, rubbing you when no one is looking, your pants begin to expand for the umpteenth time tonight. But here, you can’t hide yourself. Whenever I can, when I think no one can see, I grab your handy tug-along pole I created and lead you around the store. Oh, someone down that aisle? Hands off and you have to follow me with your tented slacks!

After I’m done shopping I see you’ve seem to have messed your pants, once again. Aww, did I do that again? Ha ha ha!

Time to reveal the main event. YOU! That’s right. My friends own this lovely shop and I’ve purchased a private suite of peek-rooms and YOU are going to entertain the folks in those suites. They will be giving you instructions via the intercom system and if you do a good job, that long awaited orgasm just might be yours!

Voyeur and Exhibitionist Hot Masturbation Humiliation

The room you enter into is warm, smelling of lavender and musk. Soft instrumental music is a nice backdrop to the slightly dimmed room. There’s a straight back wooden side chair, sitting along one wall. Purple Chaise lounge in the center of the room, facing the one way mirrors. A side table that has two drawers, and nothing else. I UN-cuff you, undress you and whisper…….. get comfortable. I wink and leave you in the room.

Oh, dear. I’ve run out of space and time! I guess it’s better this way. From here on out it gets graphic, probably too graphic for this blog! Plus isn’t it more fun that you pick your favorite ending? Email Me, tell me what ending you think our sexy tease toy deserves!