Welcome to first Saturday! I have a lot of fun with my clients, some of which love to write a bit of sexy erotic writing. This story originated from comments on a blog I wrote about Masturbation at work

She doesn’t tell me when she’s going to call which just leaves me on an erotic edge all day at work. It started the night before when I called my Mistress. She’d sent me a box but I wasn’t to open it until we were speaking. Of course, I had Skype running so she could watch everything I did.

I was wearing pink satin panties, black thigh high stockings, black high heels, and a pink satin bra. I’m always dolled up for a session with my Mistress.

When she told me I could open the box, my hands were trembling. I pulled out the pink tissue paper and three packages. One was obviously a large butt plug and another was a cock ring. The last turned out to be a large pair of satin panties. Each one had a black box attached to it.

“Are you willing to be in my control tomorrow at work, sissy?” she asked me. Although I was terrified of being discovered, I didn’t hesitate in agreeing. Mistress likes an eager sissy.

I spent the rest of the call showing her that I could put the ring, the plug and the panties on properly. Once they were all on, Mistress triggered short bursts of vibrations in each, controlled from her phone half the country away. The vibrating butt plug made me moan. The vibrating panties made me gasp. The vibrating cock ring made me ready to cum but prevented me from coming as well.

So now I’m sitting awkwardly in my office in my button down shirt, slacks, and leather shoes. I’m feeling so aroused and daring I skip the t-shirt and just wear a black satin camisole under my shirt, hoping the shirt is dark enough to hide it. I’m also not wearing socks but just silky thigh high stockings. I put my Mistress’s gifts on this morning as I dressed and have been wearing them all day.

I get the text from my Mistress that just says “60 seconds”. I nearly cum right then but I get up carefully, walk awkwardly to my office door and shut it, fumbling at the lock and hoping it locked as I hurry back to my desk. I reach underneath to my gym bag and quickly replace my leather loafers with 4″ high heels. I put my ear buds in just as the call comes in.

“How’s my little cock-sucking panty boy?” you begin and I can’t help but moan. She teases me about what a little slut I am and I can’t help but eagerly, if softly, agree with everything. Yes, I want to suck cocks. Yes, I want to swallow and be covered in cum. Yes, I want my Mistress to fuck me silly with her big strap-on!

With the last confession, the butt plug started throbbing. I gasped “oh fuck” as it felt like she was fucking me right then! She would switch from the plug to the panties to the ring, buzzing here and there, stopping and starting. I was squirming like crazy in my office chair.

Then the door opened. Louise, a beautiful co-worker, walked in. “I’m not interrupting, am I?”

“Actually, Louise, I’m on a call,” I choked out. I heard my Mistress chuckle evilly in my ear and then felt the throbbing on-off buzzing in my ass. It sounded crazy loud to me but Louise didn’t seem to notice. She walked around to my side of the desk and placed a couple files on my desk whispering about what she wanted me to look at in each. When the panties began to vibrate, she stopped mid-sentence with a preplexed look. I was blushing bright red by then and she glanced down. Too late, I moved my high heel-wearing feet under the desk. Luckily the cock ring had kept me from having an obscene tent in my pants. But she knew the sound of a vibrator all too well.

Finally, she raised one eyebrow with a wicked grin and left me alone in my office. I walked over in my high heels to properly lock the door. Mistress had me open my pants and stroke my panties. Skype had been on so Mistress had seen everything. She made me confess that this woman likely knew I was a pervert and a sissy now. Mistress knew this was one of my deepest fantasies so she let me release the cock ring. With the throbbing butt plug, I came immediately inside the vibrating satin panties.

“That’s a good first time,” commented my mistress before blowing me a kiss and ending the call.