This was my first birthday here with LDW, and I had a blast.  Some of  you were a bit confused exactly WHEN my birthday was because I was chatting it up so much! LOL!  But it wasn’t really to garner presents (more on that later) it was to celebrate by GIVING presents! Read about my promotion here.

Happy Birthday

Sexy Audio

For those who called  for 15 min or more , wished me a happy birthday I hope you are enjoying your audio! I had three to choose from.  There was a JOI, Guided Meditation  and sissy fantasy audio. If you are interested in a custom audio, don’t hesitate to reach out! I have a lot of fun recording YOUR story, or collaborating with you on a call, and creating a custom scene for you!

Free Call

Also, everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday in the Month of August ( leading up to my birthday) for 20 minutes or more had their name put in a hat to win a free ten minute call!  There were 16 entries and I asked a friend to pick a number from 1-16 (without telling them why) and number 7 was picked! The winner was my hot stroker slut Chris! Chris and I are having so much edging fun, with assignments. He’s an expert edger and I’ve yet to “break him” (cumming without permission) the man is awesome and we  have so much fun! Congrats Chris on those ten minutes.

Presents and Presents OH MY!

I am so blown away from the gifts I received from you!! You know who you are! I received some very sexy and naughty things from you and trust me, they are going to be used, and used well!  I’ll thank you in advance for all the hot RT action, and multiple orgasms that will happen while wearing, using or humm… applying 😉 Your Sexy Gift! If I didn’t thank you personally please let me know! I still have two things, I’m unsure who they are from, you didn’t leave your first name! ha ha ha!!

Overall, thank you for a great 8 months  here at LDW and I look forward to more sexy shenanigans with you all in the coming year! ????????