What a fun post today! My erotic submissive valentine event was so much fun! I enjoyed the entries for the writing portion. I had three of you vying for most minutes and two for most calls! As fate would have it, when I tallied the call results the winner of that category happened to be the SAME person! So in the hat he went.

Erotic Writing

I had some great erotic story submissions, and regardless of your experience or ability, I enjoyed each one! Your erotic submissive stories showed me a bit of you.  Taking you out of our scene, letting you free think thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t disappointed!  I’ve received permission to share some of the writings from my “Valentine in waiting,”  if you will. I will share them in my next First Saturday blog. I want to thank Stroker pet 3, Eric, Petey Cream Puff, Pupslave and tiny tim !

Submissive Valentine

So in the hat all the writers went (I just couldn’t decide!) and I assigned them a block of numbers. Onto the random number generator page and Viola! We have a winner. My Stroker Pet Chris! Chris is a delightful submissive and never fails to please me. Thank you, Chris, for your entry, I hope you are enjoying that naughty picture of me. I’m sure My Cock is, hum?

To make this even more fun, I’ve recorded Chris’s erotic story and if you call me for 15 minutes or more this Friday, Saturday or Sunday I’ll give it to you for free. You must ask “Mistress May I hear:  Red Panties?

Chris’s Entry:
I’ve named it – Red Panties.

I woke up next to Her  wearing the red panties Mistress Erika had me put on before bed.  My mind slowly awoke and remembered the night before. My mind was awash with waves of , flashes of , images. Hot. Erotic. Hands bound, eyes covered. Other times blinding flashes of pleasure as she explored my body. But no orgasm.

How many days, how many was She going to deny him. How many, his brain silently screamed.
Then his his submissive mind whispered: Not of your concern. Focus, and in your mind you hear:  Mistresses whispers, focusss, my pet.

Suddenly I felt Her stir next to me and instantly became aroused thinking to myself maybe this could be the day. She had been teasing and edging me for the past week and I was going crazy. I was just about to slip out of bed when She rolled over and said no.

I want My cock first. I think today , I would like to ride My cock She purred.

I rolled over on my back and waited.

She slid her cream colored, lace panties down her hips, past her knees and as she raised her soft feet over our heads, pulled them off those soft toes. Her cock sprung to attention. Teasing me through those red panties, the silky softness and her touch was so deliciously teasing. Just like her.

MMMM She breathed very good My lil cocktoy. Releasing my manhood, pulling down those red panties, She mounted me. She was so wet already,  facing me, She slid easily down the shaft. Biting her lip, eyes starting to glaze over. She began slowly riding, hips rising and falling with her deliberate breath. Deep long breaths, and hisssing.. whose cock is this?

I stammered , it is Yours Mistress!

Red panties

Erotic Tease Storyurs  Mistress!

Who owns your orgasms?  Mistress Erika I moaned.

Faster and faster She went till the moment overtook Her. I was barely hanging on wanting to cum so bad. Please Mistress may I cum today I cried.

A smile crossed Her lips, and she said You may cum today pet.

With that She began to slide up and down again.

Her hands on my chest, tweaking nipples, crying out.

Nooooo Mistress…… pinching harder, Oh…I was so close I groaned out I’m going to cum Mistress!

Yes, she huskily confirmed, yes?

Yeah aaaa yes! I cried , Now!

And with that She pulled off of me and started laughing as She watched Her cock twitch, spasm and squirt.

Still laughing She said I would let you cum but I never said I wouldn’t ruin it!

Maybe next week my pet. Now put those panties back on and make us breakfast, slut.