Who wants to be my submissive valentine? I have some very dedicated, delightful submissive fans. Now is your chance to win a little “sumptin, sumptin” from me. *wink* Not a client yet? That’s alright. You have three weeks to run with the big dogs! How many times can you call? Want to go for most minutes?  Oh, you could make one (10 min or more, paid) call to me during the contest period to become a client, then submit a short erotic story!

It’s easy to do, and this is how we’ll play. From now: Monday 1/22/2018 until Monday 02/12/2018 you can have a chance to win one of three ways!

1- Most Calls:  Call me the most times during the game period.
2- Most Minutes: Call me with the most minutes during the game period.
3- Sexiest Short Story!*250 words or less, describe an erotic scene you think will please me. *wink* Contact me for details on how  to submit your story.  All stories must be submitted no later than 5 pm Monday 02/12/2018 to be    entered.

*Must be verifiable client of LDW to participate.

-=- Sexy texting, Skype, Dispatched, Pass the Penis and Two Mistress calls are all included.-=- 

The winner of each category will be assigned a set of numbers (ex: 1-10)
The winner will be determined by an on-line random number generator.

Each of the top three will receive

1- Bragging rights – Being one of my finalists! My submissive men in waiting, if you will.
2- Ten free minutes of my time, texting only!

Must subscribe to Yahoo, Skype, Twitter, tumblr or Enchantrix Empire to text/chat and collect prize.
Must be previous/verifiable client of LDW’s to talk naughty! Winner must make an appointment to use prize within
30 days of  winning or prize is forfeited.

Grand Prize: My  ♥♥Valentine! ♥♥
♥♥Winner announced 02/14/2018 ♥♥

Not only do you get all of the above, you my sweet valentine, you will also receive:

3-An exclusive naughty (electronic) picture of me! Picture to be seen / accessed on my exclusive photo’s page.

4-Special mention:   Your first name or chosen pseudonym used in my social media pages, and my blog announcing you as my submissive valentine**

**no identifying information is ever shared.
Submissive Valentine

Three Weeks, ready . Set. Go!