Bouncing off of my last post: cock control virgins guide I’m going to take a closer look some of the elements of cock control I mentioned. As you guessed edging is today’s subject! You are so smart! *winks*  As a man it’s your obligation to be able to control your orgasm. Therefore you need to learn to edge, and edge properly. Learning to control your orgasm after you edge, and with multiple edge capabilities it will prove delightful for all involved. You want that, don’t you. Sure you do.

Getting In Touch With Your Body

The typical way any male masturbates and orgasm usually isn’t with a great deal of focusing on his own arousal. Your hungry horny brain is urgently seeking out that right stimulus to get a cum. Some like to diddle with their penis throughout the day, leading to a nice full feeling, or chubby. But have you ever taken the time to realize how far or how close you are to orgasm?

This is the first lesson, in orgasm control or as some say orgasm edging to get in touch with your body, and your body’s arousal and reactions. Next time you masturbate think of a scale of 1-10. 1 is when your penis is totally flaccid, perhaps even uninterested in sex. Ten is just over that PONR (point of no return) and no matter what you are going to cum. Therefore a 9 is an edge. At a 9 you’re dancing on that PONR fine line! Mmmm my favorite place for you to be!

Some men take a long time to get from 1-7 then the progression from 8-9 goes in a flash and kaboom, surprise! You shoot, right? It really isn’t a surprise you are just not in touch with how your body works. With the right instruction, and guidance I’ll help you slow that progression recognize and hold your arousal at whatever level I request.

How To Masturbate

So for now when you masturbate no porn video’s. Too distracting. If you’d like to watch some BEFORE masturbating I’ll allow 20 min. But then get comfortable , dim room and touch. But no touching that cock, not yet!

Explore sensations your finger tips and body can experience, inner thigh. Nipples, balls, taint and for the adventurous ass! Every few min “Mark your number”. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, there really is no right or wrong. “this feels like a 3” or “feels like a 5” if , however you say “this feels like a 5 (half way) and two strokes and you cum, well guess what? That wasn’t a 5! Re-evaluate and try try again!

How To Edge Without Cumming

This is key to edging control , the NO CUMMING part. When thinking of this paragraph and what to write a skit from Seinfeld popped up in my head. It’s the one with the car reservation shtick.

See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation and
that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding.

Same with edging, you know HOW to reach that edge you just don’t know how to HOLD that edge. Also very important is to  quickly bring you down from that edge to maintain that dick for Her pleasure! Who are we kidding, though? It’s YOUR pleasure too and for you poor Y chromosomes (or as I affectionately refer to you as; Penis creatures)  and your short orgasms you deserve a bit of torment pleasure don’t you? *big cheesy grin*

The key , again , guys ,is to get in touch with your body! One way is to exercise. Let’s do some Kegels!  Kegel exercises improve the pelvic floor muscles. How do you know you are doing them correctly? Next time you are using the loo (thank you my friends from across the pond for that delightful word to reference!) try and stop your stream. That is the kegel squeeze! Start off slow, let’s say 3 sets of 3 everyday for a week. Then go to 3 sets of 5. Don’t do them all together but space them out through the day. After week three begin using them during masturbation at “each level” and note how it moves that number, or not.  When you get to that edge, squeeeeeeeeeze!

Other Ways Of Keeping That Cum In Those Balls

Other ways of not cumming once you get to that edge, is complete and total relaxation of all your muscles. It takes practice and is more involved so if you want to train this way, it’s best on a call.

Orgasm Control

Stroke and Edge for Me

Redirection. I often do this on edging calls. It drives some people bat sh*t crazy because they don’t know what’s going on and think I’m some kinda loon! Which is hilarious.  Others appreciate the distraction and find my little quips entertaining.  With redirection stimulus is removed from the penis and the brain is directed to a non sexual issue. Asking how far away is Pluto, or how many legs does a centipede have?  Men have been using this type of distraction for ages not to cum too soon, thinking of baseball scores and the like. But a word of warning for those who “like the games with balls TOO MUCH” it just might make you cum! Hahahaha!

Slapping or other pain. I know one horny bastid when he gets all lathered up slaps the ever loving stuffing out of his leg! Pinching the inner thigh, slapping that hot cock are all ways SOME stave off the BIG O! Again a word of warning, if you are a bit of a pain slut these things might tip you over that edge. I’ve known men to orgasm JUST BY SLAPPING DA DICK!

Grunting , screaming. Just like yelling or crying helps with processing pain, releasing the pent up tension. Yelling and screaming help  with the edging too! Not to mention, I fucking love a moaning screaming slut on the other side of the phone! I don’t know what I like more: When you call from the office or other place where  you “have to be quiet” like your basement with the company upstairs and I tease you into oblivion or when you scream pant and cry!

Mmmm Lucky for me I get both. Bring it on- hotties!

But I digress……….

Stroking Techniques

Another element in any good orgasm control or edging training has to involve various ways to play with that dick. Sure it’s fun to move that hand up and down over and over until nirvana.But your mind and body are conditioned to that stimulus. To avoid stroking fatigue and to increase the feelings of arousal without “going over” is to play with various masturbation techniques.

My next blog is going to be on some of those techniques I want you to try. Orgasm is a learned response.  Your brain and body are not conditioned to respond with an orgasmic response to new or different stimuli so using them can help you achieve that edge without going over. It is also a lot of fun! Don’t miss that blog!

One On One Training

The key to orgasm control training is to practice ,have patience and to be held accountable. With orgasm control and training one on one, we will push those limits! Some of the things we will do with edging training is to build you up over time. How much time depends on you. Some can become quite adept in a few sessions. Others it takes some finagling and an experienced guide, learning from mistakes and taking it to plan B! Regardless I’m here for the WIN and as tenacious as a dawg with a bone!

Well, those were some lovely sentiments , Erika what the hell do you mean!?

Pushing your limits: You focus on that control, giving me the verbal markers I need to access your progress. If there is an unauthorized emission then we review and see where we need to improve. The path to success is rarely a straight line , so we’ll spend 5% of our time figuring out “What went wrong” “where we need to focus” and the rest of that time, having some fun with that cock!

Experience tells me some strokers need to focus more and go to a 7 or 8 for many sessions before attempting a 9. Other ways to push those limits  is exactly how long you can HOLD that edge. Most a few seconds is all they can do before having to stop lest you cum. So we’ll take those few seconds, with me timing that edge, and you just focusing on control and following my instructions. One experience edger I took from 15 seconds before having to stop, to 2 minutes ON THAT EDGE.

I Love It Erika! Sounds Really Hot! How do I start

I’m glad you are interested, reading this blog is a start! Also out for January, on our Phone Sex Assignment site,  I have a Guided Masturbation Calendar  with an introduction to cock control, which includes edging! It’s priced right for any budget and gives you a naughty taste of what cock control and cock control training is all about.

Guided Masturbation

Edging Masturbation orgasm control

You can certainly buy the calendar and play that way. But it is also an awesome tool to augment your sessions with me! It comes with encouragement and naughty

assignments, as well as an accompanying instruction sheet with all  you need to make January the hottest month on your calendar!

So regardless if you are a beginner or not, this is going to give you some naughty play for January!   I also think my dedicated fans and special pets should also get their copy, as a special homage to your sexy Mistress for all I give to you!

You do want to please me, don’t you, pet? *wink* Of course you do.

Until We Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika