I know you, Orgasm edging and delay wasn’t on the menu. When you and your best friend willy first got acquainted, it was rub and cum as many times ,as your alone time allowed! With the repeated bombardment of porn, vids, and erotic material it’s easy to watch stroke and orgasm. Sometimes a quickie is what the Dr ordered!  So when you are ready, and if you sport a dangling dick , then you’re ready! Ha ha ha!  Lets blow the lid off of this party and get to some intense mind blowing orgasm edging and delay games!


Orgasm Edging

A common enough term, but just in case you are unfamiliar- orgasm edging is bringing yourself as close to orgasm as possible without having an orgasm.without going past that point of no return.  Guys and gals can play with this and achieve similar results. The best edgers are very in-tune with their body, are excellent at moderating their masturbation as needed to avoid going over that point. We can start today, don’t delay!  Starting with a short session, relaxing you, going over a great technique to help you learn to edge!  Submitting and communicating with your Mistress is imperative and you have to trust.

I encourage everyone to learn how to do kegel exercises, and do them often! I’m writing this sentence and doing mine! Strong sex muscles are sexy!!  It’s amazing how strong kegel muscles add to the pleasure and control you have over your orgasm! You owe it to yourself to start today! If you need help, well DUH that’s why I am here! LOL

Orgasm Delay

So as you grow with your newfound edging skill, you will learn short term orgasm delay. Right?  Your masturbation sessions should be lasting longer,

as you go. More edges per session, first 15 min, 20 min and 30+ min of edging and cooling down results in a great orgasm! Now let’s add a bigger delay! How long of a delay, you crazy woman?! (I hear you muttering!) well that depends on multiple factors.

How often  you currently masturbate

Orgasm Edging and delay

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, your dedication to the process and ultimately how submissive you are.

Orgasm Edging and Delay

Simply put there is nothing more challenging, rewarding and mind blowing than to play with a partner and experiment with orgasm edging and delay.  Once you try it, you’ll want more, that’s why it’s so perfect! And Perfect For You! More challenges , more edgings, more delay! You’ll be well on your way to being that stroking slut I always knew you could be! I know you’ll love it. Give me a call, and find out today!