Welcome to your mind. The psychology of your submission may seem like a daunting subject compared to my typical posts. But, hang in there! It really isn’t. I’m not going to get too technical,  there are many experts in the head and body examining business who’ve written on the subject of submission, if you  want to get into specifics.  Here,  we have a fun fascinating look into you and your submission!

Your Submission

For those who are drawn to the submissive role are often looking for a certain feeling, mindset, a way of being. Tossing off the stressful robes of everyday life. Executives, lawyers , doctors high powered  and high stress jobs are the stereotypical images one may have of a submissive.  There are probably as many other careers and life paths for the submissive, however. All kinds of flavors of submissive.

Submission Expression

The only thing to find out is about what it means to be submissive, for you.

Psychology of Your Submission

I want your submission, and you want to give it to me.

Everyone has different ideas or activities that help them feel submissive. There really is no right or wrong here. It is what it is. Being sternly spoken to, being given orders. Mistress orders you into panties. Perhaps kneeling and greeting Mistress with a routine affirmation or mantra, followed by inspection and comment, help slip you from your daily confines and free’s you to a new realm. Sensation play, however that plays out, makes those submissive switches click, fantastic!   True too  are the males who crave to be feminized. their erotic thoughts turn to a strong Dominate Woman, coercing them into their true bimbo selves.  What helps you feel those waves of submission, your intense focus on the here and now, is what I want to know


Exploring Your Submission

Many who’ve played before come to me and know what buttons they need pushed to send them on that special trip. Others don’t know and only have a fantasy of what it might be like. Some who thought they knew what it feels like, to be and feel submissive , experience it for the first time, or perhaps feel it more profoundly than ever before.

I know it’s a thrill for me. Getting to know your psychology, how your mind works. Then an even bigger thrill, beyond worlds  at times,  connecting, exploring and shaping you and your submissive mind, taking us to new depths.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Mistress Erika