Tips on pleasing a Dominant Mistress is something I discuss with men routinely. So here I am with some great tips to make you feel more submissive, less of a “topper from the bottomer” as many of you indicate you fear you do. Why negotiation with your Mistress is important and various “styles” of submission and how your style can please a Dominant Mistress.

Know Your Submissive Style

The first step you take when offering your gift of submission to a Dominant Woman is to know yourself! What style of submission appeals to you most?  Some, don’t always feel submissive ,or have the desire to submit. But when it comes to kinky sexy play your mind and body desire to be owned. Therefore, a Mistress you would “connect with” isn’t necessarily looking for a 24/7 submissive male. Alpha on the streets, sub in the sheets kinda thing.

If you are a submissive and pleasing a Dominant Woman 24/7 following her lead in all aspects of your life, just not with kinky sexy play then the Dominant Woman you would best connect with is one who enjoys and wants to do just that.

Know Your Kinky Likes And Dislikes

Some of you know what you like and don’t like. Some of you have no idea. Be upfront with what turns you on, now. My bet is once you start hanging around a Mistress those desires will evolve. Communicate before you session and provide some information, about your submissive limits and boundaries.  Pleasing a Dominant Mistress isn’t as difficult as you may imagine. I just need to know you, and something about you.

Some of the things every Mistress would like to know is your experie

pleasing Mistress

Pleasing Mistress

nce level. Do you have toys, are you able to get toys if it pleases her.  But the most important thing for me to know is: What do you hope to get out of it. What does a session with me “look like”. Communicate with me about what is off the table. Some are not ready for anal play, and that’s ok. The D/s negotiation will help me know what kinky tools I have at my disposal when I take control. You can relax, trust, and submit knowing I won’t  spring something on you. You are not topping from the bottom with your negotiations. If we are in session and you interject and want to add something or change how I am leading the session, now that’s topping from the bottom.

Pleasing A Dominant Mistress

Showing your appreciation through word or deed is always pleasing. I have many fans who like to engage with me on Twitter or at Enchantrix Empire and  one way you can please me is by tweeting out my stuff! We also have a sexy rate my call option where you can leave your honest review, of our session.

You know I put a lot of effort into my sessions and I love what I do. So whether we  are having extended edging sessions, sensation play, or quick ten minute fantasy call I can only be the best I can be, with your help. I want you to have a great experience. Do I want you to enjoy each and every kink I talk about, or engage in, with you? Certainly not. I enjoy our connection, it’s personal and specific to you. So don’t be shy to show your genuine self, as this is a judgement free zone. It also pleases me that you put your trust in me.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika