Why do I dole out ruined orgasms like mints after dinner? Because, my pets, they are  sweet and refreshing! Why that look? They are!  I can assure you , as we go you will be so thankful, so appreciative of having the opportunity to empty those heavy balls, it will be like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. Let’s take a look at why ruined orgasms are on the kinky menu.

Ruined Orgasm and Cock Control

Ruined Orgasm

1-800-601-6975 edge, and ruin that orgasm

You know what pleases me and you want to give it to me. I know that.  I want control of your cock and your orgasms. Having a horny pet is delicious and great fun for me. So I’m more apt to keep you teased and edging for quite some time before allowing an explosive “oh my gawd, Erika I fell of the bed” orgasm.  Hearing me say you’ve pleased me greatly today, pet, is something you come to crave.  I control that cock, I own that cock. Don’t I, pet?

Continued Control and Ruined Orgasm

My cock responds. My cock obey’s my whispers. Edge, my pet, edge. You may not know what my answer is to that question. Sometimes it’s time to take your hands off, ice up, cage up and go about your day. Other times, yes, I whisper and your breath stops for a fraction of a second as the glorious permission washes through your mind and sings along with that release. But today, my stroking pet, I gleefully cry out Ruin IT! Oh, your balls ache and it’s so unsatisfying , but at this point you are happy to do anything to help relive even a fraction of arousal and fullness. Then you grunt,  cry out as you take every fiber of your being to pull…that… hand… off. Ah, ah, ah you struggle and feel your submissiveness wash over you. What you do for my pleasure swimming in your mind.

What control that takes, too. Humm?

Ruined Orgasm Gift

In many ways ruined orgasms are a gift. A show of your obedience, My control. Expression of your submissiveness. Like many things we do together. It only proves to explore and create a unique connection , an intimate connection.  I want you to come to me. Submit your mind and your body to me. Kneeling, you greet me: Mistress may I ruin an orgasm for your pleasure today?

Mmmm , oh my pet. *smiles*

Mistress Erika