Sex talk is what I do. From fantasy , role play and even BF therapy I talk with a lot of people about sex and sexuality. In my circles just about anything or any body part can become sexually titillating for. I know.  you go about your day and find the “odd thing” arousing and I want to know about it! Today I’ll give you some examples then I want to hear from you! Deal? Great!

Camel Toe

Camel Toe Turn On

Camel Toe Sex Talk

You’ve heard the term camel toe and what it means? Hint: I’m not talking Dromedaries! For those uninitiated camel toe is what a woman’s vulva can look like in tight fitting clothes.  Most women try to avoid the dreaded camel toe while many others lust over it! But Many men find it sexy and arousing! On my blog a few days ago about Sexy Shenanigans around the Enchantrix Empire I posted my twitter poll showing you just how many think the camel toe is sexy! True the “camel toe” is more sexual and highlights a very sexual organ, but it is common in public and typically not seen as sexual vs poor fitting clothing.

For Feminiazation fans they even have camel toe panties! Not kidding, google it you’ll find out! Can you understand why some might find camel toe arousing?

Sexy Strawberry eating


Fruit and Foods

This is one you are probably familiar with. The succulent juicy fruit being teased between two lips.The sweet juices coating the lips, imitating the juicy wetness of other lips can certainly toss a naughty horny guy into overdrive!
Fruit is yummy and typically juicy so those sweet juices automatically tickle that horny bone. You have to agree, watching someone take a sexy nibble gets your attention and gets those juices flowing.

Other foods, I can attest, when consuming, can catch the eye of that horny guy. I’m naughty like that and often when out to eat will find a sensual , if not down right sexy and kinky way to tease with my food. Now for this post,  I’m not talking about sploshing, necessarily. but if the naughty play evolves that way all the better! Spolshing involves getting way more intimate with your food. Way more intimate. There are many who are , what I refer to as tactile folk. The different feeling of cooked rice , pudding, jello, cake , spaghetti (the list is endless) being rubbed on your skin, and naughty nether regions is a huge turn on for many. But there with sploshing it’s really very sexually involved and not exactly what I’m referring to today. But a great topic none the less. If you’d like me to talk more about sploshing just let me know !

Toe Cleavage

Toe Cleavage

Toe Cleavage

Yes you heard me correctly, toe cleavage. I know you can wrap your head around breast cleavage or even ass cleavage. But for some the ultra feminine look of those pretty feet in a pair of heels, with just a peek of that cleavage is erotic for some! You don’t have to have a foot fetish to be turned on by toe cleavage.



Speaking of feet, lest we not forget the classic foot pump! Oh yea, fella’s you know many of you get that familiar tingle as the warmth exudes from your gonads to envelope the rest of you. That sexy foot pump is classic!

sexy everyday things

Shoe dangle

What About You

What everyday thing , which you can see in public at any given time gives rise to your fries? Leave your comment below, email me or if you want to really please me call!

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika