Quick post today to bring you up to speed about some of the sexy Sexy Shenanigans  happening around the Enchantrix Empire.

Schedule Change

First things first, some of you may be aware, but I’m guessing many of you do not. I used to take Thursdays off to relax and unplug but for the rest of 2019 (at least) my day off will be Tuesday’s! I will be here on Thursday’s to have some fun with you!

Does that mean if you find some alone time on a Tuesday we can’t connect!? Absolutely not.  Although it is my day to unplug if I’m just hanging out at home, I’d be more than happy to make an appointment and hop on for some one on one fun! However, make sure you contact me before 1pm on Monday via email or skype to make your appointment!  As always, I have a schedule set on my schedules page, which I do my best to keep up to date.

House Guests

This coming week Monday Sept 16- Thursday Sept 19 you will see my schedule is up in the air. It’s starting to be Snow Bird Season here in Florida and that means I’m the best friend or relative “they have ever had” *laughs* and I am having company!

I will be on for calls, and taking appointments  when my house will be cleared of guests, you know, off enjoying the beach or local fare. You’ll know I’m on by that pretty green phone up in the right hand corner.

If it’s yellow I’m in session! Yay, get in queue! I’m worth it.

If the phone is red, send me a message, let’s see if we can connect! I’ll also be updating my schedule as my free time presents itself, so bookmark that page today!

You Me ~N~ Twitter

I know many of you are on twitter, so make sure to follow Erika Enchantrix! I have a lot of sexy shenanigans  with you there! in addition to sexy motivational tweets, I share what’s going on with me, share jokes puns and the things I’m into!  I love getting to know you as well, in many ways. One of the fun ways is using twitter polls!

The polls are the best, and I share the results on my blog often! My latest poll was about: Camel Toe! Check out the graphic! Are you surprised at the results? I’ll be writing a blog about sexy everyday things that turn us on! So check back for that post later.

I will also randomly I roll out what I call “Share To Win” Weekend where a lucky follower has a chance of winning ten free minutes with me! I’m also thinking of other ways to have fun with you on twitter, including having a twitter pet of the week! I’ll keep you updated on how that is going. But speaking of having fun on twitter , let’s talk about twitter chats!

Twitter Chats

I also have to tell you about some kinky fun we are going to be rolling out very soon! Recently Ms Constance of IntelligentFemdom shared with me a fun way we can interact between sessions. Twitter Chats! Then we’ll have some kinky interactive  twitter chats! This is where two , three four or More Enchantrix Mistress chats with you about the subject of our choosing. Curious about cock control? Want to know what to expect with your Femdom call? Is feminization for you? The list goes on and on! What a fun way to get to know your favorite Mistress a bit better!

But Erika I can’t follow you! *waaaa*

If you don’t follow me and for whatever reasons you shouldn’t follow me *winks* as it would raise questions on your end. That’s ok. Just remember the hashtag #EnchantrixEmpireChats and you can search for tweets with that hashtag and take a peek at what your favorite Mistress have to say about a wide variety of subjects.

Doesn’t that sound like some kinky fun? We think so. Stay tuned, and when we begin the chats I’ll update you here on my strokers page as well as on Twitter and Enchantrix Empire.

Second Life Meets Whore School On Cock Radio

How about this for Sexy Shenanigans? Second life and cock radio event! How many of you are involved with second life? Who’s never heard of it?  Ms Harper is having a special show this Sunday Sept 15 at 11pm. You can listen to her as she broadcast live FROM Second Life! For the best experience join her IN second life. You can find out more about this great event over at Ms Harper’s blog FetishPhoneSexBlog.com.

That’s it for now pets, hope you have a Kinky day!

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika