His story  feet and shoe fetish series continues with sexy feet and sexy shoes. See part one here if you want to get caught up.

His mother made all the arrangements, and he insisted that he say good-bye to his mother at home. He didn’t want her to drive home, knowing how emotional she would be. His first steps towards becoming (in his mind) a real man. Time for his fetish for sexy feet and sexy shoes to fully bloom.  He planned a special side trip, on his way, getting off the train a stop ahead in a neighboring town and to a local shoe store before arriving at his home for the next few months.

Since Graduation

Leaving home was his sole mission since graduating. It was time he , convinced himself, to really explore his lust for shoes, with more freedom and less guilt. Too scared to have his own stash at his mother’s house, she knows every nook and cranny of that house and would eventually find them.  Satisfying his growing curiosity ,  his urges meant looking through magazines, ads for shoe stores and surreptitious glances at the women around him.

He stopped fondling his mother’s shoes years ago, after he started to orgasm while playing with them.  Knowing  his passion was odd, he was ashamed and embarrassed and quite frankly shocked that first time. Feeling guilty using and seeing his mother’s shoes “like that”. Avoiding play with her shoes  was a way to focus on other things, and lessen is anxiety over the entire issue. He even stopped masturbating for quite sometime after that first time. Thinking, I can’t feed the beast. But his dreams would betray him, and he’d dream of them and wake up a mess day after day.

First Pair Of Sexy Shoes

Shoe and foot fetish

First Pair of Sexy Boots

Sexy Shoes sexy feet

Sexy Strappy Red Shoes

His trip to his new life went uneventfully. He bought a pair of black pumps, red strappy kitten heeled shoes and a pair of leather thigh high boots. All in a size 7 1/2. Nervous as hell walking through the door, once he was greeted and his “cover story” seemingly believed he felt a bit better.  The cute clerk who helped him pick out the shoes giggled and said “Some lucky lady is going to be VERY happy with you”! You’ve picked out some very hot and sexy shoes! He smiled and hoped she didn’t see him blush. His heart beating wildly, he could bare contain is growing excitement and wished it wasn’t a 30 min cab ride to his destination.


She was on one end  in the large swing at the end of the porch when the cab dropped him off and he struggled with his baggage. He didn’t see her at first, throwing a large duffel back over his shoulder, grabbing the handles of two more large suitcases he bumbles up the stairs. Tripping and cursing loudly, he stumbles, then as the duffel bag loses it’s balance on his back it comes slamming down with the direction gravity, taking him down with it.

Loud boisterous laughter is all he heard, his face blazing red as he realized he wasn’t alone. Looking up, he saw her. White cotton skater dress, with  capped sleeves. The longest legs, flowing into a cute pair of strappy kitten heeled shoes. Hearing her short hurried clack clack clack of her heels on the wooden floor as she ran over to him “Oh, my Are YOU Alright? Still giggling, and trying to help him up, I’m so sorry for laughing, that’s horrible of me!

Meeting Her And Her Sexy Feet and Sexy Shoes

Abandoning all of his luggage and trying to put on brave face, he stands and smooths  his clothes, to avoid eye contact for as long as socially acceptable. “He-he,he a deep nervous chuckle escapes, as he muttered “I sure know how to make an entrance!”  Looking up she’s standing there, her golden eyes sparkling, and raven hair softly moving from the breeze, he just stared for what seemed like an eternity. was one  sexy older woman , his mother painted her as a matronly figure she was nothing but.  Feeling his face flush even hotter, he forced himself to break away, start gathering his bags. Hi, I’m Dan ..I’m attending school… here next semester… and my mom….she, uh arranged for me… to… well….. She interrupted his stammering with a big warm smile and said .
“Hi Dan, I know who you are, you’re the only one arriving a month early for school! Ha ha ha!” He felt his heart racing as he felt his cock twitch and knew he couldn’t stay here. Not if she were here. God, how is he going to explain this to his mother?! His head swimming, he’ll worry about that tomorrow. Right now he’s got to get in that house before his growing erection caused even more humiliation. Uttering an embarrassed apology, not even knowing why, he again tried to pick up all three pieces of his luggage and go into the house.

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