Hello, pets!  Welcome to First Saturday Fantasy! Yep, I’m back at it. What can I say 2020 has been a total kick in the nads or cooter (whichever the case maybe) so I appreciate your understanding! I think you’ll enjoy this little “reward” for your patience!

Today is the continuation of the Sissy Series I am collaborating on with a delicious client and the sexy Mistress Hunter. If you haven’t read parts one and two yet, hop on down to the end, I’ve given you links! But hurry back!

Life After Graduation

The ladies of sorority X learned a lot through their tenure in school. Not only to capture, control and rule over the “sissy gurls” but each had their own specialty in the brick n mortar traditional work places. Their careers ran the gamut, from Accountants, to management positions, chefs and even a mechanic.  But that year after graduation, the ladies and their sissy’s still staying in touch happened upon something spectacular.

Two of the sisters driving through to another destination the day after graduation stumbled upon the perfect little quaint town. A two lane main road boasting of two stop signs , along its route. A tailor  and a Barber proudly greeted the visitors on one end. Nearer the middle of this two mile road a Red brick General Store, that carried everything from breakfast cereals to blue jeans, with the post office in the back. A Gas station on either side of town, one with a convenience store the other the towns mechanic.

Doing some research they discovered the town had some challenges. Thinking of annexing to the nearby city to relieve the stressed town budget of the expense of clerking and a city hall. The ladies putting their heads together along with some funds from their current sissy maid pool.

Soon the rest of the ladies of the sorority settled in this quaint little town and got to work. They enjoyed setting up their businesses, and one even ran for town mayor. Winning 90% of the vote 769 people residing within the boundaries she won with an influx of funds and a promise to keep the town small, quaint. This was acceptable by the ladies, they enjoyed the small town “feel”, it’s almost as time stood still.

The ladies returning home each night to their sweet trained sissy maid. Each ran their household and their sissy’s as they deemed fit. Some were more strict, others were more easy going.

(What fun would it be to have a detailed peek into one of those homes, one day. Hmm? Comment below if you’d like spin off of this story!)

Some of the the Women being greeted at the door at the end of a long day,  with her favorite beverage. Sissy delightfully taking her bag, and being perfectly put together for their Ms,  in their sissy wear. Sissy takes a lot of pride these days in pleasing their Ms. The big doe eyes, with a permanent sweet smile plastering their powdered and painted faces. A far cry from the “men” they set out to be in college.

At this point in their journey they barely have any memory or desire of what might have been, could have been. So happy to be panty-owned and of service to Women. Any other life just didn’t appear on their radar.

Then the big day, the day all the ladies were waiting for. The opening of the SIT institute. Sissy Indoctrination Training Institute. The Sorority’s dream to ensure male compliance and creating a segment (all?)  of the male population conditioned, trained to serve and please Women.

Here, in this small town, the ladies who are gradually taking over every aspect of the town. Buying out the general store owners, so they can retire down in Florida. Putting their sisters in key places, buying up the homes and creating the exact world they want. They  were now primed and ready for the SIT institute to open its doors and usher in a new way of life for the human species.

Are you ready for more? If you are new to this series, make sure you check out part 1 Sissy Sorority and part two from the sexy Mistress Hunter Sissy Sorority II