Sissy, it’s time to be probed! Our Sissy quiz and in-depth probe package are exactly what you need.  First, your quiz, where we evaluate you as a sissy. Olivia and I love love to really get to know you and  your quiz questions are fun and informative! We will find out, are you a curious, new sissy? Maybe you’re a very experienced sissy slut? Most likely you are somewhere in between. Let’s find out with this quiz, send in your results, and schedule your probing sissy session. Then it’s erotic confession and sissy fun time!

Sissy Quiz in depth probe package 18+

Sissy Mistresses

With Your Purchase you receive
♦Sissy quiz
♦2 Free Email exchanges

With your sissy probe session(additional cost), you will receive
♦Customized tips just for your sissy journey!
♦ In-depth probing from two Experience Femdom Sissy Mistresses
♦Free Assignments.

What You Can Expect With Your Probe Package

Quiz-This fun and flirty quiz will tell Mistress a lot about you and where you are in your journey!

When considering your answer, select the option which most closely fits your experience.
If no answers closely match your experience then answer with respect to your fantasies! They tell us a lot about you too.

Emails Up to two (free) email exchanges to introduce yourself and give us a few details of your sissy situation!  We will also discuss our two Mistress session, and have a bit of chat about your details and the two of us will give you a thorough sissy lookover with what you provide.. Do you have any questions? Now is the time to ask! Please ask permission before you send anything other than text in an email. 

Review: Olivia and I talk all the time, why not make some of that time about you? When you schedule your sissy in-depth probe session, you will have your sissy details dripping from our lips. I know we’ll have fun reviewing your submission. I am sure you can imagine what they might say about your details when they talk in private! Now you get to hear our thoughts about you 

With your session

You’ll be front and center listening to our observations, and most likely squirming in your seat! We are experienced sissy Mistresses and you will be subject to our in-depth and perhaps even probing (OH!) techniques and teasing out every detail. Erotic sissy confession is good for you, and you know you are aching to bear it all. To have someone see you. We are that safe place to play and explore and celebrate you.

Assignments: Do you love sissy assignments? We do too! With your probing package, we’ll send you off with an assignment from each of us!

Custom Tips: We know a lot of sissy’s love tips and tricks. During your session is the time to ask about our favorite tips on all things sissy! Looking for a new lipstick, or a sex toy? Just ask! We’ll be happy to offer our opinion. Are you too terrified to even comprehend what kind of tips or tricks you might need? You’re in luck because we have opinions “a-plenty”, and are not afraid to share!

Phone Sex Assignment Store

All you have to do is visit us at the phone sex assignment store and do your thing! All of the instructions are there and we are looking forward to playing! We are so excited to introduce our sexy offer we are giving you at a $10.00 discount! $20.00 until May 1, 2023! Click here for your sissy in-depth probe package.

18+ 1-800-601-6975 sissy quiz and in depth probe package for all sissy types

Before you do anything else:  hop on over to Olivia’s blog Experienced and see what sexy things she has to say!

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Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika