April is slutty sissy season, gurls. I started this month with a sissy makeover post. Today we continue the theme with a kinkier makeover and that is for YOU! That’s right, just for you, slutty sissy!  Slutty sissy, you are a mess, your panties have lost their elasticity, and are ripped and ew….. stained!  Oh, what? You wanted to look like you just had a wrestling match with an combine harverster?  My bad, you can move along. For the rest of you, let’s freshen those fem looks and girly feelings.

Slutty Sissy Makeover- Panties

Gurls and yes, you pantie boys are included! You know your panties get a work out and a work over. Between wearing pretty panties, doing naughty things with and too them they need replacing ! I saw some beautiful spring colors, beautiful lavender, and floral patterns.  When you go to purchase the panties, pay attention to the cut and style. Know your types and what best fits your body. I don’t care how cute a thong is, if you don’t have the hips or the ass for it then DO NOT BUY THEM. Here’s a hint gurly girl,  every ass looks good in lace cheeky.

Know Your Pantie Styles

G-String: Minimal waistband. Some Front coverage. No back coverage.

Thong: Wider waistband and reare coverage, compared to a g-string.
Tanga: More coverage in the front and back than a thong or a G-sgring

Slutty Sissy

Pantie make over

Cheeky/ Cheekini: Similar to a bikini, but with minimal back coverage.

Bikini: Moderate side & back coverage.

Hiphugger/hipster: Moderate to full side & back coverage.

Boyshort T: Full coverage and cut straight at the leg.

Brief: Full coverage.
High-cut brief:  Great coverage. More leg room, lends to more feminine look than a brief.
Control Briefs: For sissy’s who need extra clitty control. Full coverage and typically made with more spandex than your average brief.

Slutty Toy Makeover

Same as your panties, your toys get worn out. Nothing is worse than an intense sissy session having fun when something fails. With good care, toys can last a good while, but when you use them as much as you do, ya slut, cut that toy’s life in half.

All toys up to par? Fantastic time to shop for a new springtime toy!

For you cock sucking sluts, a rainbow dildo is a must have! Cheerfully decorated rainbow colored dildo, it will also aid your training and see your progress as you slowly lower your slutty lips down and past each delicious color!

So how are we going to make-over your slutty self? Schedule your consultation today.

Sissy Makeover Mistress, Erika