Welcome to spring, the season when a sissy makeover is in order! Along with spring cleaning your closed up home from long winter nights, let’s take a look at your sissy style and give it a lift! Don’t worry, all stages of sissy can participate. Even a wardrobe-less sissy can have some spring time sissy makeover fun!

Sissy Makeover : Wardrobe

Many sissies know what they like, but few know what looks good ON them. Just because you see a sexy woman you’d like to emulate doesn’t mean that dress, skirt or blouse looks good on YOU!  Let’s look at some examples of what your ideal fem persona would be. Sophisticated classic style? Slutty bimbo? Whichever it is we’ll look for pretty items that FIT your body.

Again, it is tricky fitting your male size and form into a feminine cut blouse or dress, but the key is in sizing things correctly. Yes, some… ok, A LOT of you guys should actually be in plus size clothes. Don’t let the xx, or even XXX, or XXXX dissuade you. Your items will fit better and LOOK better.

Perhaps your ideal is being a sissy slut bimbo in skin tight short dresses. But your belly has more rolls than that dough-boy has giggles.  You can still look slutty and bimbo-ish , in an empire wasted , skater skirt sundress!  Oh how about a sweetheart neckline with pretty pink tool flowing down over your hips, ending just as your bum ends and legs begin! Pretty pink thigh highs! Ooh, la la!

Sissy Makeover: Makeup

OK, so you are not brave enough to book that makeover when you are out of town. Really, it is something I encourage to all who want to participate in feminization. Learning basic make up techniques, from the experts, watching how they apply feminization makeup to  your face. How they hold the brush , tips and tricks for shading, highlighting and making you the best sissy gurl you can be!

If a makeover isn’t in the cards let’s see how  you currently apply your makeup, is your foundation the right shade? What color are your eyes, and what colors are best to bring them out?  Eyebrows shaped so they can be fem with a few strokes of a brush. Oh stop it, don’t look at me that way. There ARE ways to shape, clean up those caterpillars on top of your eyes so when you get all gurly they don’t distract from your look.

Sissy Makeover: Secret

Secret sissies have a lot of challenges, I get it.
But that’s no reason why you should not try to improve your sissy-ness!

Sissy Makeover

Sissy Makeover

Number one girly  regime is skin care! What do you use now, just soap? Ga! With the right kind of cleansers, and moisturizers we’ll have your skin feeling girly fem in no time! Items anyone can have/get for their bathroom and no one is the wiser! Then choosing the right scent to wear. Just enough mix of girl so you and I know but others won’t raise an eyebrow. Lip balm is always my favorite go to for secret sissy gurls, keep those lips nice and soft and tasting fem!

So girls, let’s go for it. Schedule your girlie consultation today! Check out my other Sissy blogs, then  email me or hit me up on Skype or Yahoo messenger.