Does your dick do a dance when you think about your spanking fetish? Fantastic! Have you done a spank by phone session? I some of you find a spanking session fun!  I’m sure since you are reading this you are curious or not getting your fill of this erotic spanking stimulus. Perhaps you need a friendly ear, and intelligent woman to speak to about your spanking desires? Today I’m going to be reviewing the kink of spanking and how Long Distance Domination can fulfill your spanking needs!

spanked by phone

OTK over the knee spanking

Types Of Spanking Fetish Sessions

I’ve had many sessions just talking about spanking. What your history is  with spanking. What types of spanking you enjoy and even delving deep under the surface of what spanking does to you and even perhaps why!  These types of sessions can include: Discussing those feelings of vulnerability , why spanking can be a stress relief for many, which spanking implements are most exciting for you and much more!

I’ve also role played and run fantasy sessions where the build up and anticipation of the spanking was all that is needed to result in a rather pleasurable outcome!

Aside from talking about the ins and outs of spanking there is absolutely the ability for me to spank you by phone. Often when you are spanked by me there is a theme or goal we are to focus on. For some, it teaches you humility and how to be a better submissive. For others the pain play sends you reeling into subspace.


Spanking In Session

Including a spanking lecture is always a fun option. Combine the lecture with or as a stand alone, spanking affirmations is also on tap. This is  a brilliant way to highlight your needs for spanking and delicious enough reinforce your desire for spankings. A lovely mind fuck, isn’t it.

Spanking can be done on cam,or using just the phone. But if you think you can get ‘away’ with anything because I can’t see you, I’d caution you to think again! When utilizing the audio, only, option when spanking by phone, my ears tell me when you’ve been a good pet, and have applied those swats as ordered. I can also hear if you are easing up, or not hitting squarely! There is a penance to pay  for less than ideal swats! Often this means beginning again.

Spanking Toys

We can also utilize many implements, paddles, leather thongs, belts and of course the hand. But a kinky drawer of various spanking implements isn’t required!  clever Mistress, like myself can find everyday household items to use on that sweet ass, thighs back and yes, literally spanking that dick and or balls! Have you thought of CBT?.  I’ve used a length of rubber hose, cane, rulers,  spoons and spatulas of various materials. There is an endless supply of implements to exact the swats you need.

Although I am generally a sensual Mistress I have a very well developed strict and sadistic side that prevents me from going too easy on you! I know what you need, and a soft touch is probably not one of them. I love impact play and sending your body and mind whirling with each slap. The sound of the impact, the grunt or moan of your pleasure is as addicting for me as it is for you!

So, don’t let my sweet look fool you.

Spanking Fetish Safety

These sessions, where we engage in impact play can be very intense. We will spend a few moments discussing your expectations, hard and soft boundaries and most definitely have a safe word. So don’t let the mention of CBT make you flee! Safe, Sane, Consensual is always in play!

I would love to introduce you to long distance domination involving spanking. Or if you are experienced with phone spanking,  what a thrill for me to provide you with  an experience you will not forget! When you are ready for that experience, you will call.

Until We Chat ????
Spanking Mistress,