Irish SexHappy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m feeling a bit silly so I thought it would be fun to take a look at  Irish Sex and the Irish Way. Irish Sex you might suggest is when one or more Irish folks do the horizontal mambo? Why yes, yes that is considered Irish Sex. Searching the term Irish Sex  yields some interesting and humorous results. Enjoy!

Irish Sex

According to the Urban Dictionary if someone referred to participating in or discussing Irish Sex they are probably referring to the position, or better said: the action (or lack thereof) of those involved. Yes, I’m being evasive, just prolonging the words / time to try and clear your mind for this visual image. Irish Sex, when the participants only move their legs and hips leaving their head and shoulders as stationary as possible. Most often to avoid detection by others. Affectionately referred to as The River Dance Fuck

Irish Way

However, if you are getting intimate and things are getting hot and heavy and your paramour whispe rs in your ear. Wanna do it the  “Irish Way”. No, they are not talking about including a delicious cinnamon coated treat (Irish cookies) into your bedroom activities,  they are talking about Anal Sex, my dear.

This might shock  you, or it might not but according to the urban dictionary  the Irish Way  (and a few gossips I know! HA!) Irish men are said to have been cursed with the Celtic Curse. Which means they tend to have small penises. Continuing on with these stereotypical caricatures of the irish. The Urban Dictionary Continues:
“Meanwhile, Bergman’s Rule implies the female ‘Irish Arse’ is very large, causing a natural anal fixation. Coupled with the virtual absence of friction during Vaginal Sex with an Irish Penis….”

Luck of The Irish

Irish Sex


I hope you had a lot of fun with my silly and teasing look at the Irish on this St. Patrick’s day. I do know regardless of your heritage you can have the Luck of The Irish starting today!  There is still time left to  earn one of five exclusive (naughty) pictures of me! Check out my Strokers Rewards page and bookmark and stay apprised of my promotions.