Stroker Rewards

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Hey there! Welcome to Mistress Erika’s Stroker Rewards. With this blog I want to send my heartfelt thanks, and introduce you to an exciting new page created with you in mind! I’m very excited and hope  you are too!

Sexy Fun

I’ve been with LDW for over a month now, can you believe it? Seven Weeks and one day as of today! It’s been such a whirlwind!  But I’m settling in nicely, I think. Feeling very comfortable and sexy, thanks to all of my wonderful callers! Also, hanging out in chat at Community Kink during the radio shows, and in the Enchantrix Empire Social Scene  has been amazing!

Everyone has been so welcoming at EE, and there are several professional comedians (I’m convinced) hiding behind some of those monikers! Some of you are so Fun and FUNNY, the hour goes by in a flash and I’m always surprised and sad to realize our time is up!  It is starting to be a habit of mine, when all my errands and chores are done if there’s a radio show on, I hop in the chat room, sit back relax listen to a super sexy lady and watch  the chatters do their chatting, and try to keep up interacting with everyone too! I’ve found I don’t type very well when I’m laughing so pardon me if I’m a bit quite!  There are some amazingly fast witted people in there, I’m smiling as I write this remembering the hilarity! Who needs TV, Net flicks or video games when I have Cock Radio and Community Kink?

Sending  Kudos to  the awesome Dispatch Staff who have saved me time and again those first weeks, struggling with the technical stuff! Thank you , Thank you for your kindness and patience! You amaze me with what you all juggle and accomplish in your shift!

A huge thank you to all the sexy Mistresses of LDW! Getting to know you, doing two mistress calls with some, has been so much fun! Thank you to those who’ve shown off their submissive ,  in those very special getting to know you calls!  Sexy and hot, I’m very impressed with  them and your very sexy command over them!

Sexy Games And Rewarding My Clients

If you’ve been peeking at my blogs, you know the last several years I worked in a corporate environment.  I am taking some of my experience there and applying it to my super fun career here at LDW!   I’ve devised a way, I think, to ramp up the fun! I always believe in rewarding your best clients, regardless of the industry. It always turns into a Win Win scenario, don’t  you agree?  Therefore,  I’ve created a page called, Stroker Rewards. There, I’ll put my rewards program as well as any other special promotions I might cook up!

I’m kicking off my new page for promotions  with a One Day Only: Exclusive Picture of Mistress Erika.  For every Completed Call on Phone-sex, Friday  Feb 10, 2017, you can receive an exclusive revealing photo as my Thank You.

Then to continue my page opening celebration-Starting on Mistress Day February 13th, I’ll be offering another One Day Only promotion.
In addition to the two lucky callers from all of LDW’s calls on Mistress day, I will also be giving away one free call from all completed paid calls I receive on Feb 13,2017 . You can’t miss this sexy hot opportunity!

Coming soon, Stroker Promotions:

Puzzled Erika

I take an exclusive photo and crop it into several pieces.  as you earn points, you get a piece of the puzzle.
Collect all the pieces of the puzzle, and points,to receive entire, unedited sexy picture of me!


Coming this Spring, learn how to earn an exclusive clip of a hot stroker instructional audio.
Use it as a warm up for our call, or  when you just need to hear my voice. 😉

So don’t hesitate, bookmark my promotions page and check back regularly, or subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a chance for some super sexy fun!