There are a lot of myths about the submissive male, one being they are not “real men”. That they must have experienced some kind of trauma, or just don’t measure up to other males. Today we will look at the submissive male, and submissive male play, which are two different things.

Many people evaluate the submissive male based on his kinky activities, but as you will see the play doesn’t speak to the submissive male as a person, and why. Ready? Let’s sink into this fascinating subject!

Submissive Male Myth Not A Real Man

These types of assumptions or submissive male myths of what a real man is and isn’t are the weakest argument you can hold to. It is true,  the characterization of what a man is and isn’t has evolved over time. Certainly, many of today’s modern men would not measure up to our predecessors where hunting and unalive prey was the manly measure. I don’t want to hear about the battles in the boardroom and otherwise. When you unalive a mastodon with a really long pointy stick, I’ll listen.

Therefore the value and subsequent behavior that defines a man evolves over time. It’s the wise one who opens their mind to all the definitions and measures of a real man. The continuum of man, if you will. Folly is the one who holds onto archaic thoughts with a strong grip. There are many theories regarding the processes and events revolving around extinction, and one is that the animal or plant failed to adapt. Think about it.

Other Submissive Male Myths About Power Exchange Play

What most people think of when it comes to the submissive male is that they are all pain sluts and ready to gag on, or bounce on, a big lady cock, crave chastity, and want their nipples or penis pierced and they want it all, and nothing is off limits. They are door mats to capricious power-wielding Dominatrixes. Keep reading about how wrong that is.

Submissive Male Truths

Males come in all forms and the measure of what it is to be a man is on a continuum and isn’t static. I’m sure all of you will agree, that a real man’s measure is his ability to please a Woman which is the real purpose of what it is to be a man even at our earliest times. After all, the survival of our species depends on the cock, and courting gestures to win the favor of a female and to have access to procreate, it really is the ONLY reason you are here and your first main purpose. The rest is self-preservation and activities that aid the continuation of the species.

Simply phrased, at his core the submissive male desires to please. Desires you to lead so he might have the honor of obeying. Certainly many types of guys seek out submission, from periodic play with a Dominatrix or with someone face to face, or in a relationship

When it comes to trauma processing through submission, it may or may not come into play. Considering the population of submissive males there’s a good chance some of them have experienced events with lasting impact. But not all submissive males and perhaps even most, don’t seek out submissiveness because of life’s trials and challenges. But for most, it is their expression of how they can please the Woman.

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Secondly, the power exchange play myth that is heavily peppered with pain play, is just that a myth. There are many ways a submissive male may serve his Mistress. Pain play and impact play are only for some. Submissive male play is wide and varied and doesn’t necessarily involve pain or humiliation.

Submissive Male Play Vs Submissive Male

A submissive male may play with certain erotic elements, but that doesn’t necessarily speak to who they are. Simply because a male might be submissive in a relationship,  doesn’t mean he engages in intimate play that borders on Kink or BDSM. Some submissive males who call me, just desire to enjoy the company and energy of a Dominate Woman. Something about our rapport calms and centers them. Taking them away from their everyday world for a while.

The scene of a collared, on all fours, begging and being flogged is the sensational hard-hitting or “money shot” for lack of a better term. Many submissive males are open-minded and willing to try many things when it pleases Mistress. The erotic repertoire of a submissive male mainly relies upon the dominatrixes he’s served. During negotiations, submissives have all the power to add, adjust or remove any type of play. Then armed with the safe word, regardless of play give her the gift of Your Submission.

So a submissive male might take Mistress’s girl cock, with anal play. But not orally, and never wants to fuck a real cock. We can make similar correlations with all types of kink play. Or perhaps one who enjoys a prostate massager and learns how pleasurable that play can be but doesn’t want to be fucked. Not all anal play is strap-on play. and no it doesn’t make you gay.

Even with harsh humiliation, if that’s how you play when the play is over, and the aftercare administered the play stops but the dynamic does not. He is still submissive to her but isn’t that beta loser worthy only of sucking on toes. His submission allowing her to play with her sadistic side for a while is a gift of his submission.

Lesson About Submissive Males

The underlying motivation (Submission) doesn’t necessarily correlate to the play. The play is about how the D/s couple expresses their Dominant, or submissive nature. Better said the kink elements on the table to engage with help the people involved feel more dominant or submissive. It’s the Domination or submission linked with the play that is arousing and fun. That submission is a gift you give your Dominant, and should always be revered as such. Can you think of other ways submissive male play doesn’t correlate to who the person is at their core? I’d love to hear your thoughts, sound off below, and be a part of the conversation!