Welcome , welcome to first Saturday. Today’s erotic story corner is about my submissive submissions to my Submissive Valentine’s Day contest.  As I mentioned, I enjoyed all of the submissions, and I just couldn’t decide between them! So, I had a random number generator pick! If you submitted a story, and want to see it here, let me know!

But onto the sexy stuff.  I received permission to share these lovely erotic stories with you. I hope you like them as much as I did, and encourage you to comment below!

Lesson Learned

Kneeling on a towel on his knees in front of the chair that is Mistress Erika’s, a puddle of precum forming larger with each drop from his chastened cock. Chris, one of Mistress’s experienced pets, was visibly showing the results of his discipline training. It had been three weeks since the last session, one in which Chris had been meditating on since it’s been over. For he had violated one cardinal rule of a submissive, for he had orgasmed without  permission.

As he kneeled there, his body quivering a little with excitement and frustration. Beads of sweat forming, trickling down until they hit the towel beneath him. He had been placed in chastity, with Mistress Erika holding the key until their time again. Her directions were simple, edge through the chastity 3 times and 4 on the weekend while listening to the 10 min recording of her voice saying over and over again “I own this cock, I control this cock, I control this orgasm, this is my cock”. With the last words of my cock, he was to go a little faster.

As Mistress Erika walks in, Chris could hear the clicking of her high heels striking the floor with each step. His heart racing in anticipation for what was to come. She says hello my pet. Her cock hardens in the chastity, the stream of precum flowing. As she reaches to unlock the chastity suddenly out nowhere her LDW phone rings, smiling she says “Oh my pet”.

Submissive submission from ~Eric~


I let out a yelp as Goddess Erika laced the corset. There was a laugh from behind, and I shivered as I felt a warm breath against my ear.

“Is that too tight, little slut?” asked Goddess Erika.

“No, Ma’am,” I said. “I just wasn’t ready.”

“Good,” purred the Goddess. “Because we’re not done here.”

As She continued to tighten my outfit, She added, “Of course, if you get the job I expect you to learn to do all this for Yourself. And to shave everything, and learn the makeup, and do everything else befitting a good sissy maid.”

“Yes, Goddess,” I said with a nod. “Are You sure I can work in this? Between the corset and the heels, it might be hard to move around.”

“You’ll learn,” She said. “Now let’s take a look at you.”

As She walked me to the mirror, I felt my nervousness and excitement building to a crescendo, and part of me was insisting I never should have answered that ad. That part was silenced when I saw myself in the black and white outfit.

“Holy shit,” I muttered. “I look…hot.”

“Well, you certainly look fuckable,” said the Goddess. “But looks can be deceiving. You tidied the place up well, but you do understand that cleaning is only part of the job, right?”

I nodded.

“Good,” She said as She went to take a large, pink dildo out of a drawer. “Because now it’s time to finish the audition.”
Submissive submission from   ~Herpupslave~

Cream Puff Girl

As I walked into my room from waxing I decided I needed to take shower to remove wax from my skin. As I dried off I felt different as I had no body hair and so soft/smooth. I noticed Ms Erika’s drawer was open I felt how soft her bras/panties felt and I went to try them on and they fit & felt so good against my skin. I then put lipstick on she had in bathroom along with her heels then went to my bed to get off. As I was ready in she & Ms Fiona walked in and both of you giggled..Petey what were you doing!! Ms Erika asked. Speechless I was at loss of words Ms Fiona said it looks like we have a cream puff sissy on our hands she giggled. You then took me by hand and said I looked so cute and adorable then said I have to stay this way as both of you were home all the while I did this and took pictures of me. If I whine/protest you will hit send and expose me. Ms Fiona said he or should we say she was ready to get off and you said how long have I been doing this and I said a week after we met. Then you said we are going shopping for women’s clothes/lingerie/dresses/get full makeover and become tutelage cream puff, also I noticed bag in your hands as it was chastity as Ms Fiona said this is needed to control my snooping around in your closet and to control my cock. As you kept me in bra/panty set I felt the click of chastity on my cock and all I could say was yes mistress as you now control me as your cream puff chastity girl forever with more feminization of me to come.

Submissive submission from ~Petey Cream Puff~