Have you thought of submissive training? You already know those fantasies and thoughts won’t leave you alone. Are you a chronic masturbator who,, once they start polishing that knob, will set other important things aside for self pleasure? Preoccupied with how, when and where you’ll get off next? You feel guilty.  You want to be a better man, you need to be a better man, but you just can’t do it on your own. That’s where we come in.

Enter Submissive Training Pet Bill

I’ve talked with Bill a few times, and we’ve addressed many of the same concerns when it comes to his life. But his ability to commit to training was sporadic. He knows he needs chastity, he knows he needs to stay focused. In his words, “I am a submissive others look to in every day life as a leader, who inwardly yearns for the attention of a dominant to control my sexual energy.” Bill also needs a firm hand to learn his lessons. His lessons need to linger on his ass, testicles and psyche for days.  He knows it keeps him focused, on point.

The next thing I know, he’s going to be out of town, he wants to double down on his training. He thought I would be upset, wanting to do two marathon evenings of tease and denial , chastity femdom calls throughout the night with multiple ladies at LDW.  Quickly squelching his concerns, and told him I thought it was a great training tool! If he was up for such a night, let’s party! I feverishly started finding out who else might be in the marathon, contacting Mistress Heather who was organizing this kinky fun fest!  I sent out an email letting them know a bit about Bill, if they already didn’t know all about our submissive Bill in training.

First Night of Submissive Training

After several emails with other Mistresses, and Mistress Heather helping on the the dispatcher side of the coin to make sure everyone was scheduled, our first evening of submissive training began.  I took the first call at midnight. We started with reviewing goals, inspecting cages, and I gave him his first submissive task. What he was to instruct each Mistress of the evening when he greeted her. He was to remain in chastity and to be shown no mercy.  Applying nipple clamps and warming up that ass was next.  Bill started  paying back for some spanks he already owed, along with an apology. Submissively kneeling at the edge of the bed, he was to sleep in his bra and panties and await the call from the next Mistress, each hour for six hours.

Submissive Motivation

Some of the other Mistresses over this weekend will be writing blogs about their sessions with ilBl. Please know, I’ve talked with Bill at length about writing about our experiences in this and other Mistresses blogs.  I assure you, I have his complete agreement. Remember, Mistress doesn’t spank and tell!  At the bottom of this page follow the link to the blog for the next Mistress’s sexy entry on this blog train about Bill’s  marathon submissive training.

I’m going to make my blog into a two parts. The last part will up the blog train when it pulls into the station.
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I leave you with some very powerful words from Bill reflecting upon the weekend. We’ll get into more in the follow up blog.

“I hunger for more of that control that you exerted over me. It was such a wonderful exchange.”

“There were so many times throughout the weekend that I wanted, desperately, to unlock and cum. ”
And finally……….

Submissive Training

Submissive Motivation

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