Mistress Erika’s Schedule

 Subject to change:
*All times are Eastern*

**If I’m scheduled to be taking calls but showing “not on” (red) I may just be taking a short break.
Call and ask dispatch for more information, I often tell them how long I’ll be off line when taking a quick break.
Orrrrr just refresh my page  until you you see me GREEN!

Click on the date, below, for more details.

In the Evenings I take appointments and requests. What’s the difference? Glad you asked

Appointments: Communication via email or text ahead of the session to plan a time and a date. Once I confirm “Yes, Let’s play at XYZ time” you have an appointment and I guarantee* I’ll be there!

Please be prompt and communicate any changes ASAP.

⇒ Please ⇐ all appointment requests must be sent before 5pm the day you want to session to ensure I get it , read it , and reply!

Requests: You can go to our Erotic  Concierge (chat help desk) during request hours and ask them to Text me to see if I’m available for your session.
If I’m home and available I’ll get back with them within 5 minutes! Is Live Help busy? Just dial our dispatchers 1-800-601-6975 and ask them to do the same!

Click here to connect with me on : Skype

Can’t email!? Send me a DM via twitter


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How To Connect With Me!

  1. Call Dispatch: 1-800-601-6975 ask to speak with Erika! *


  2. Purchase Sexy Texting Session and connect with me for your session via Skype! Don’t have Skype Email to meet me in our Chat Room!

    Just check in with me via Skype, or Email Me to make sure I’m available for a session first! Once you’ve confirmed I’m available, provide the email address you used to purchase and let the fun begin!


  3. Go to the click to call (top right of the page) Am I green? Click now to call!
    Fill in the blanks and once processed, you’ll be sent right to me!

    * If I’m busy on a call ask for a Call Back. You’ll be “called back” and connected to me as soon as I’m free!

Protecting Your Privacy

You may use prepaid credit cards, use a pseudonym if  you like.
Read more about how we protect your privacy.

The LDW Difference

*appointment guarantee:
If I confirm a time and a date for our appointment and something urgent comes up, I will inform you and/or dispatch of the emergency, and give you TEN free minutes with me, on a future call.