No one guessed the secret from the first part in this series: The firm Sexy Feminization. Here is another installment continuing our story and Sam experiences his Feminization Transformation. Still can’t figure it out? Enjoy! 😉

Early Feminine Changes

It has been a few weeks since Sam has temporarily moved in with Erika. Despite the natural excitement any man would have spending time with a woman like Erika at her place, Sam felt completely inadequate and was bashful. His erections were limp and at a staggering 4 inches. His body was smooth and adopted the shape of woman with significant curves. Erika’s work was incomplete and she was determined to finish it. The firm they worked for would further promote Erika based on the number of “conversions”. Sam’s complete transformation had a few loose ends. But soon they will all be wrapped up in a pretty satin bow!

Feminization Transformation

The Firm Feminization

The Choice

Before they could proceed, Erika had to get Sam’s consent to move forward and presented him with the following options: Sam could either accept and undergo further feminization which would include light surgery and serious behavior modification or he could reverse the effect of the concoction with a huge disadvantage. If we took the latter, his body would revert to that of which it was, but his cock would only grow to a 4-inch erection and he would ejaculate within 10 seconds of even the slightest touch by a woman. He cried and begged Erika for another out, but she proclaimed that even if she wanted, these were the only options. With that said, Sam understood that his life as he knew it was over and  went with the first option.

Feminization Transformation

First and foremost, Erika renamed her new employee to Jizelle and would always be referred to as a woman. It was important at this point of his feminizatioin transformation that certain behavior and lifestyle changes had to be made. Jizelle’s diet had to change to adapt that of woman’s diet and workout regime to tighten up the appropriate areas. Despite the fact the Jizelle had the figure of a woman, she still lacked pouty lips, a fuller chest, and plump butt. Erika had arranged for a plastic surgeon to fix these qualities and after all was said and done, Jizelle would proudly walk around with 36DD, lips of a porn star, and a bottom that would fill out any jeans.

Erika decided that Jizelle should keep her cock to remind her what she use to be. She would regularly be required to get a full body tan.  Erika also insisted on getting her a tramp stamp tattooed on her lower back. Jizelle’s hair grew well past her shoulders and it was only a matter of time before Erika decided to get her color it blonde.

Finishing Feminine Touches

They went together to get a mani and pedi.  Where Jizelle had  to choose a color she wanted her nails painted. What better than a hot pink to match her tan body and blonde hair. Erika then took her a large cosmetic department store where she told the staff to transform and feminize Jizelle to look like nothing more than bimbo girl. Erika told her to take notes! She would need to know such things going forward. Then with the proper foundation, thick eyeliner, extended lashes, purple hue of eye shadow, bright and shiny red lips, and a touch of blush, Jizelle was unrecognizable as the male she once knew.. They were finally ready to go back Erika’s place.
(to be continued?)