Hello dear readers! There is a bit of a secret behind this blog. Can you guess what it is? Post your comments below and we’ll see if any of you guessed correctly!  Enjoy part ONE of The Firm, Sexy Feminization

The Firm

Sam was looking for a change of pace and was recently interviewed at a start up known as Phem-D. He was

Sexy Feminization


unfamiliar but after learning more and hearing about the work-life balance, it was an offer he could not refuse. Coming from an investment bank and managing a large team, his attitude caught up with him and he was displaced at his previous job.

His manager, Erika, told him that the next few months would be rigorous in terms of training and his true test of patience and loyalty to the firm. He had to focus, as he needed this job to sustain a living. He couldn’t help himself from always staring at the Erika, whether it was her pencil skirt, heels, smooth legs, tight blouse, luscious lips, and the list went on. She would always bring coffee for him and while he thought it was a sweet gesture, little did he know her motives. Erika’s sweet coffee concoction had a special ingredient that would slowly remove the entitled manhood from the firms’ new employees and would have a significant change on a males’ body

Beginning Feminization

After two weeks had passed, Sam was getting dressed for work and noticed his shaving routine was diminished and his body started looking different, but he didn’t pay any attention to it. It wasn’t until a month later, where he realized his cock was significantly smaller, his hips a bit wider, and chest a bit pouty. His mind racing, what was happening, was a man looking more feminine or was his mind playing tricks?  He knew he couldn’t call out sick so he fled to work anxiously and hoped the day would fly. Erika noticed the changes and started to increase his dosage. Although she knew he was nervous, she mentioned that Sam was on warning for not performing up to par. He realized that he couldn’t afford to lose his job, as he would need to quickly see a doctor with his peculiar changes. Two weeks more has passed and Sam’s body has completely changed, hairless below the neck, frame of woman and a cock, which hasn’t been able to get larger than 4 inches when erect. His voice sounded different and he definitely noticed he wasn’t picking up stuff at work fast enough.

Sexy Feminization

One night Erika decided to take him out for drinks and he could not refuse. It has been weeks since he has been with a woman, especially one like her. At the bar, Erika complimented Sam on his new figure, which made him blush. After one too many drinks, Sam ended up Erika’s place. Waking up the next morning, naked, Erika insisted  he wear panties for his small “cock” and a training bra for his chest. Knowing how he would feel emasculated wearing panties he refused immediately, but while arguing with her, his voice was completely different and extremely feminine. Erika giggled while Sam was confused. He realized he couldn’t fight her suggestions and saw that he didn’t have much of an option as his clothes vanished. Erika handed him women’s dress pants with a loose blouse and sent him on his way.

Handling Feminization Truths

The next few days, Sam didn’t show up to work so Erika paid a visit to his apartment. They had a long discussion about what Erika has done to him and why. Unbeknownst to Sam, the contract he signed at Phem-D entitled Erika to this change and explained to Sam that role he agreed to was to be a subservient secretary. Phem-D had an initiative to wash the alpha-male out of the market place in a ‘Pheminization-Domination’ manner. Sam couldn’t help but start crying and while this did not phase Erika, she insisted he take the rest of the week of and have him stay at her place for a few weeks…(to be continued)