Welcome to Wednesday and this blog about why begging is part of your submission. Some of you might know the answer to that question, others may not even care what the answer is. Both , know, however how HOT it is! That’s part of the equation!

D/s Power Exchange

For those who are curious about the D/s dynamic, or those who want to know more why Mistress likes it when  you beg : Simply put it’s all about the power exchange. In a typical world people view themselves more or less equal to those around you. What I find most erotic is that male, who views himself in this way, is able to put that self aside for Me. To submit his mind, his body for My pleasure.

Begging RItual

Begging Ritual

D/s Ritual

Part of experiencing  that power exchange are rituals.  Something routine, setting the scene. The human mind is a lovely thing and once conditioned these rituals provide a delicious reaction in your mind and body. Doesn’t it.  The rituals don’t have to be complex. Requiring My submissive to kneel, naked, vulnerable before Me is a simple,and delightful one.

Another kind of ritual are affirmations, affirming the bond. Recognizing your place and purpose for Mistress.
“Mistress, I submit my body and mind to you, I need your control.”
“Mistress, I kneel before you, vulnerable chaste and await your command”
So many lovely words, what I choose for you remains to be seen. I’m not a cookie cutter Mistress, and although certain trigger words also prove to condition my mind but it also aids to inspire my Dom Space. So perhaps SOME words are “re used” but not all.

So many rituals, so little time. Out of the box thinking and you can see rituals in most things.
It could be participating in body worship, as your Mistress desires. It could mean a certain set of items to prepare, wear or tasks to accomplish before you submit. Regardless of the ritual Mistress desires the close association of the ritual paired with the erotic elements help to condition your mind.

Begging Ritual

So you see, begging is just another form of a ritual. It reaffirms the bond, accentuates the power exchange. It also drives home, what brings you to Mistress in the first place. It’s one thing for Mistress to say “you’re my stroking slut” and another for those same words to escape your own lips. Take a look at my blog about begging, from Monday. You’ll see.

Are you the stereotypical executive by day and submissive by night! Mmmm gets Me revved up just writing about it! WooOT!  So how do you feel about begging? I mean, it’s kinda in your wheelhouse, being a Y chromosome sporting human, and all. I wanna know!

Until You Beg ????

Mistress Erika