Worship Your Feet

May I worship your feet

Mistress May I worship your feet? Started off my weekend, and it just got hotter from there! Such a delicious weekend, so of course I have to share! Welcome to another Monday, let’s dig right into how sensual and pleasing it is to have someone to worship your feet.

May I Worship Your Feet

Of course you can worship my feet!  Actually I expect it in some form or another. After a long day on my feet I adore a nice foot massage.  If you have an special affinity, aka foot fetish I know I’m in for a good time. You know how to properly worship, and tender my lovely lady feet.  If you you are not necessarily “into” feet, we’ll just have to help you learn how to worship feet, humm?


How Can I Worship Your Feet

Worshiping your feet


Let me count the ways to worship my feet.  Starting with a pedicure, is nice. Trimming and filing the nails, holding each one of my tootsies delicately between  your fingers, painting and pampering them. A lovely foot cream, soft scent, helping your hands glide across the arch of my foot. But I warn you, I’m very ticklish. So touch me, firmly and with confidence! Do it right, and you’ll feel me melting right in your hands. You’d like that. I know. Hell, I’d love that. If you really want to impress and please me, a cursory knowledge of reflexology will certainly be rewarded!



Pleasing Me Through Your Foot Worship

My head back, eyes closed feeling your expert hands create magic , sending my mind to sensual places, the warmth you create with your touch travels up my calf, to my thighs and mmm yes, “there too”. Soon you might see me squirming in arousal as your push and press those oh so sensitive spots. Kneading the Achilles tendon, shots of electricity shoot through me. Yes, that’s it my pet. Mmm keep going…….

I love to engage in, even in fantasy the art of foot worship. I even have written a bit of sexy fiction about Foot and Shoe Fetish , I’d like to hear from you. I’d like to hear about your experiences, or fantasies about the same.

Until Next Time…..