Hi there. My first post of 2019 is all about the fun we had last month! Your submissive reward! To thank everyone who has had fun with me in 2018 I had a bit of a fun promotion, where you could win a naughty picture of me, free phone sex minutes and even something naughty from my lingerie drawer! Today’s post is about who won what, and how you can “stay tuned” for future kinky fun with Me in 2019!

Sexy Treats

December is my anniversary month, and there were some sexy treats to be had! In addition to punishment to help condition your male mind, I also give out rewards! In addition, custom, individual rewards I may dole out in session (read that as ORGASM ha ha!) throughout the year, I add a few times a year where you can earn even more rewards! Your submissive reward.

My Phone Sex Mistress Anniversary can catch you up on the shenanigans if you missed it. If you did miss it: shame on you! No reason to miss out in 2019! Subscribe to my blog, using your throw away email addy, and be updated when I have a new post. In addition to posting my sexy offerings, I’ll promote LDW/Enchantrix specials as well!

Submissive Reward

There were three submissive rewards:
1- Every call of 15 minutes or more and a “happy anniversary” wish from you earned you a chance for a “not seen in public” erotic picture of me.
Two Winners! TFTT and lovely Lady Mandy! (email me and I’ll send you the pic!)
2-  The top three people who had the “most calls” regardless of length got a chance to win 15 Free Minutes with Me! : LM!
3-  The top, top prize was the person with the most minutes wins something from my lingerie drawer or a leather collar. Their choice. Let us all congratulate  peewee on that very sexy prize!

Enchantrix Perks

One last note for 2019. As an added submissive reward I urge you to check out Enchantrix Perks.  If you are a regular caller, be it 10 min a week or 1000 minutes a month, it behooves you to sign up for Perks! Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions. If I can’t answer you, then the ladies at www.helpmycock.com can. Go on click the link above and “get you sum Enchantrix perks!”

Until we chat ????,
Mistress Erika