How will I Dominate you? Excellent question, glad you asked. How we play is based on your predilections and mine. Good news for you, my boundaries are wide! Chances are if you connect with me to talk about, or play with your kinky desires I’m going to be jumping in with two feet! I do have some no-go zones but don’t stress about it.  I will let you know in a mature, professional way that “Erika doesn’t play like that”. All good, no harm no foul. No kink-shaming around here.  Today I’m going to review some of the more popular types of Domination requested by my pets. “Requested, Erika? REQUESTED? They are submissives, they don’t get to REQUEST a damn thing!”

If this is what you are saying to yourself, my friend, you have a lot to learn! With this in mind, a few thoughts about Domination.

How Will I Dominate You

For those who are still reeling by my previous statement let’s get on the same page. Could Domination be total and complete? Could someone have total power over you, with you having zero input? Certainly and that is fodder for a different Dominatrix, a different time. The truth is even with TPE ethical people have negotiations with their partner, be it before “play” or as a natural part of their lifestyle. The submissive always has as much power in the scope of play as the Dominatrix. The Dominatrix takes their input and turns it into something magical for both of them. For me, there is no such thing as topping from the bottom, as long as we are in negotiations. You are free to say, whatever you like or don’t like what you are curious about, and what is on your no-fly list!

So with that bit of housekeeping taken care of, here are those most requested desires.


Dominating you through cuckolding can take on many “looks”. From your traditional “my wife is fucking another person” and me training you one on one how to process and handle those emotions. How to be a better cuckold which can include chastity, feminization and so much more! Other less traditional cuckolds may be cuckolded by another woman. You are such a lousy lay, you have turned your wife GAY! (tongue firmly in cheek). Cuckolded by sex toys! Think about it. You are not competing with another person, she would prefer her RUBBER cock, to you! (daaaaaaaumn!). For cuckolding Domination, your submissive nature linked with the inevitable humiliation is a powerful combination!

I will dominate you, mistress erika 18+ domination phone sex Chastity

Many minds immediately move to “domination = caged cock”. It is a delicious option and an option that works well with Distance Domination! From blue tooth cages that Mistress can lock and unlock from her end. Numbered tags can be used and numbers verified with check-ins. There are also various types of lock boxes or basic freezing of the key deep inside a block of ice that we can use to keep you locked up.  I have as much control over you as if she were right there.

Under some circumstances, I may consider no touching chastity.


Your emasculation through feminization is how I will dominate the guys who desire to be gurls. You can feel your emasculation growing as your masculinity drips away.  Your submission explodes as you don your panties at my behest, your bra slips around your chest, those stockings so long and silky tickling up your legs. Drives you wild. The humiliation and erotic play crossdressing is amazingly transformative.  Drip Drip Drip. Bye-bye to your ego, say farewell to your manhood. You’re my gurl now.


Guided masturbation, jerk-off-instruction and even controlling when and how you orgasm are all parts of cock control. I tell you how to stroke, when to stroke. I will dominate your cock with edging, extreme edging with gooning sessions. Many who are addicted to my cock control venture to other parts of their anatomy.  One reason why I differentiated chastity and cock control. Can cock control include chastity? Yes. Does it have to? No.

Elements Of The Domination

Impact-pain play and humiliation

With any of the types of Domination above, impact play, or pain play can be one of the elements Mistress uses to elicit those delicious reactions. This sexy activity can include nipple torment, spanking, CBT, and of course Humiliation which is “pain for your brain”.Hearing those searing words rip through you, you know these are your truths and they are so humiliating to be fed back to you, in the words of Mistress.

Domination Style

Each of these types of domination can come with one or more of the following elements, sensual domination, strict, mean, and everything in between! The best part of this is that you don’t have to decide “I want sensual domination now and forever”. Many Mistresses are more than able to show you their various styles. I am absolutely included! Many of my “sensual domination” pets, often “play with fire” and ask me to reduce the sensual and increase the strict, or mean Mistress in me. What a mind fuck to have it all in one session. Starting out sensual, getting that head spinning then “wham” flipping that switch and fucking up your head!

How I Will Dominate You?

Certainly, I can go on and on about various ways I will dominate you but the most important element in all of this is: YOU! Tell me about your domination journey. What types and styles of domination have you enjoyed? What types or styles are you interested in experiencing? Sound off below, or get your phone and dial 1-800-601-6975.

Until We Chat 💋

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