Hello fans, Long Distance Domination is our focus today. What is long distance domination, what it might look like and some very good reasons why you should explore!

What Is  Domination

Domination, in the most simple of terms is not very kinky or distasteful. I’m sure you can find many different types of Domination in your everyday world

Definition of domination
1: supremacy or preeminence over another
2: exercise of mastery or ruling power
3: exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence

Certainly in this light, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dominated their opponent this year. Many can argue successfully that their quarterback also Dominates others in his field.
The government, much to many’s chagrin also falls into the Dominating category, as well as role models , elders etc.  So Domination in and of itself is neither wrong or taboo.

Something goes wonky in peoples minds when you take this naturally occurring behavior and apply it to our sexuality. There’s no reason for it, but then again our world is replete with  ridiculous contradictions of right and wrong, when it comes to sexuality. We’ll save that for another time.

What is Submission

Any talk about Domination has to include it’s antithesis : Submission.

Again , nothing inherently taboo or wrong about submission.

From good ‘ol Merriam : the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant an act of submitting to the authority or control of another.

So two basic elements of long distance domination include both Domination and Submission. One who controls, and one who is controlled.

Easy Peasy  and not anything to get your panties in a bunch! So if you are a “lights out, missionary” kinda person:

1- I’m surprised you’ve gotten this far and it must have been some joke of fate  you found this blog. Mmm.. curious
2- You might want to leave now, it’s only going to get worse for you… OR
3- Maybe you are not as straight laced as your friends and family think, so read on. I’d love to talk with you about your visit here today
4- At the very least I hope you learned something, and have your mind opened just a tad and are willing to practice tolerance and respect.

What Is Long Distance Domination

Well as most of you smarty pants have surmised Long Distance Domination includes Me controlling you long distance, not in person. It also focuses on your sexuality, and sexual urges and submissive desires.  As you will see it can take on many forms. From Feminization, to cock control , but we’ll get into more of that in a moment because……

This is where people get all funky in funky town, (BIG SIGH) even in 2021 with all the forward movement bringing to light and understanding on gender identity, and increased tolerance (dare I say acceptance?) of Homosexuality, and a more open atmosphere about sex and sexuality ,there are plenty of people out there who cringe when it comes to BDSM/Femdom activities.

What I say to you is:The primary principles anyone claiming to be a Dominant will adhere to is Consent. Unlike what you might be deluded with previously a Dom/sub relationship, scene or interaction is entered into with the consent of all parties. There is a negotiation process than can be a few minutes to as long as needed by both parties to ensure everyone is on the same page as far as the play. Hard and soft boundaries are discussed, and a safe word is agreed upon.

Why Long Distance Domination

Before I get into the how’s, let’s talk about the why’s I teased you with a bit ago.

1- To learn and explore safely
Discretion is important to you, perhaps showing up on the security cam from the neighbor across the street when you stop by your local dungeon or Mistress cannot be  a possiblity. After   all you are “Just curious” and until you know if this is for you, or not. Why risk it if it’s not something you want to incorporate, right? In my opinion if  you are thinking along these lines, I’m teasing you: IT IS FOR YOU IF YOU ARE THINKING about it. It’s just a matter of learning more about yourself, what style of domination etc.

2- Expense
To put it bluntly, depending on your area Long Distance Domination often costs less than in person Domination. Less overhead.

3- To have an invested and enthusiastic partner.
I know things about the people I play with that those closest to you don’t know. The life you have created for yourself, unfortunately is without that special stimulation you crave from time to time. You don’t want to be a submissive all the time, but once in a while. You can’t bring it up, or feel you can’t. It’s your little secret.

Perhaps your partner isn’t into it. Perhaps you use submission as an escape to de-stress. You don’t want a deep personal relationship you have to maintain just for those times.

There are a plethora of reasons why. Now that’s not to say I don’t have some really great connections with some of my clients. I do. There is just no expectation of more, or taking it to another level. I’m more than happy to be there for you, have some fun when the time is right!

How I Can Dominate You Long Distance

How high is the sky? How deep is the ocean? Certainly those are our boundaries! There are many ways we can play together. I have a fun box full of Dominant ways to control. I have few hard limits that I won’t discuss here, but more than happy to let you know in email or Skype. What is most important is what you bring to my sexy table!

Beginning Long Distance Domination
Training program where we play with different erotic stimuli, to see what submissive triggers you may already have and to test or perhaps (evil grin) implant some submissive triggers / stimuli to aid you upon your journey. They can include all or some of the below.

Chastity Traditional cock cage, or a modified chastity play (aka panty chastity, C ring) and as your lifestyle allows
Cock Control -including edging, gooning, and orgasm control
Feminization – From Transgender, cross-dressing and sissy play
Pantie Control – Not exactly feminization,  this is more for the panty boys. It can also be utilized with stockings/pantyhose/girdle control
Anal- Strapon- Dominating a man through is anus is very submissive, and dominating.
Humiliation from teasing to harsh degradation and yes even ignore calls.
Pain Play– I think many of you expected this to be first. When most think of Domination they think spanking, caning and whipping, But nipple torment, CBT and other nice ways to get those hormones racing and pumping out all that feel good juice is on the table.
Cuckolding– exploring those emotions, learning to train that mind that it is all about “her pleasure”
CFNM– Clothed Female Naked Male , Need I say more? and “YUMM” LOL

The list can continue forever but I think this gives you a good peek and understanding about all the ways we can play. I think I covered the most common forms of Long Distance Domination.

Next time I’m going to talk about Long Distance Domination Style, and other ways we can play with Domination and making you my delicious pet. Even if it’s just for a time.

In the meantime an assignment! Take a look at some of the links above, let me know what you are interested in exploring!

Until We Chat ????????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Dominatrix Erika