Today’s Mistress Happenings gives you  updates you one what I’ve been up to, and what I’m about to be up to! I hope you have had a wonderful summer filled with kink fun and sun! I know I’ve had a great summer with you!

Mistress Happenings

If you want to get in on my August Birthday Promotion: Entertain Mistress Erika you have some time left. It’s my birthday at the end of the month! Many of you entertain me on many levels. Now is the time for you to entertain me and get a chance to win free minutes.If you want to know the exact date, listen to the audio!

If you follow me on twitter this weekend is the time you’ll want to be on top of my posts! It’s my share to win weekend. Where you help me and one lucky twitter fan will win ten free phone sex minutes with me, when they purchase ten minutes.

Custom Erotic Audio’s! I’ve been having fun collaborating with some of you on custom erotic audio’s. What’s your kink or interest?  JOI or guided masturbation? Feminization,  turning that male brain fem, along with your wardrobe. Giantess, Humiliation the list is endless. Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Ms Cindy and Ms  Alyssa on a custom audio, and had so much fun!
I do have a few,  already in the audio store: Phone Sex Audio‘s check them out and tell me what you’d like to see there?


August 26- August 31 I will be away from my computer, traveling and taking some much needed time off! But stay tuned, I have some fun blogs planned for that week and I’ll have fun when I get back reading the comments you leave me.

You have from today to Saturday the 24th to session with me. I may be on a few hours August 25 but I’m unsure. If you’d like to make an appointment to ensure you get your taste of Mistress before I leave act now!

My schedules page will show you the hours I’m scheduled to be on for calls and times when I make appointments outside of those hours. Remember I’ll always make an appointment with you during the regular work day in addition to the hours indicated in the evenings.

Early bird gets the worm. I typically need 24 hours notice for appointments, but often can accommodate a shorter notice. It’s all a matter of timing.

When I get Back From Vacation I Will Be Changing My Day Off

Currently you can usually find me taking your sexy call, during the day except for Thursdays, my day to unplug.
Beginning September to at least the rest of 2019 I’ll be taking off on Tuesday, and here to have some fun with you on Thursdays!
Check out my Schedule Page.

Check back Monday When I reveal the results of my Anal Sex Poll from twitter and talk with you a bit about that kinky play!

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika