Hi there readers! I enjoy bringing you a bit of fantasy to read, so I am introducing First Saturday’s.  The first Saturday of the Month, if it pleases me to do so, I’ll post a short fantasy story.   Or, like here, continue on in a series. If you have an idea for a fantasy you would like me to play with, email me and tell me about it! Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com.

I hope you enjoy another installment of The Firm. If you’ve missed any previous installments you can find them here: The Firm Sexy Transformation and, The Firm: Feminization Transformation.

The Attitude

Erika was displeased with Jizelle in the sense of how she carried herself and her general attitude. Erika explained that Jizelle would have to become ditsier, more bouncy, and more girly. Jizelle did not understand this and Erika was frustrated at which point she bent her over her knee and started spanking her raw bottom. Jizelle was taken by this and understood that she is in for a serious adjustment. Erika started her off by walking. Swaying hips from side to side, gracefully swinging her arms, allow for her breasts to jiggle, and butt to bounce while keeping a straight posture. Erika had her walk around naked in the house, practicing and decided it was time to practice in heels. “But Erika, I never walked in heels…I can’t do it” said Jizelle in her soft new voice. “You never had tits before either and look at you now, whore” exclaimed Erika as she handed her 3-inch heels. Bashful, Jizelle slipped them on and started to walk in them and got better over the next few days. Erika taught her to start smiling more and be more cheerful and to stop thinking about stuff. She taught Jizelle how to giggle, how to cry, how to be more submissive, how to tinkle, even how to sit at a table during a meal with her feet together or on the couch with her legs tucked in and curled up. Erika didn’t allow Jizelle to think about anything and would only cloud her mind with sex and meaningless media. She taught her to take selfies and take pictures accentuating her new body. As an added bonus and humiliation towards Jizelle, Erika forced her to even learn how to twerk like a slut. Erika was pleased with how everything was moving along, but grew tired of lending her clothes to Jizelle.

The Wardrobe

Jizelle knew this was coming and dreaded it, but Erika didn’t care and they went to themall together. They started with essentials such as gym clothes which included yoga pants, sports bra, pink t-shirts, short booty shorts, even cute pink sneakers. They moved on over to the lingerie department where Erika had a lot of fun. They bought bras, panties, garter belts, hosiery, camisoles, and for the hell of it, some lace body stocking to really make Jizelle feel uncomfortable. Jizelle didn’t like what was happening, but knew that she had to play along so she acted the way Erika taught her. They went to buy more clothes such as blouses, skirts, dresses, tight jeans, heels which varied from 3-6 inches, leggings, anything that would complete the wardrobe. As they were leaving the mall, Erika spotted a pink sequin dress that was a must have and lastly a few bags for Jizelle to take pride in. Deep inside, Jizelle hated it all but knew that this could get a lot worse if she didn’t pretend to like it. Before leaving the mall, Erika dragged Jizelle into a store which Jizelle never saw before. Erika explained that while she was happy with everything that has changed so far, she didn’t like the idea of having Jizelle’s cock flop around and while the agreement said the cock will remain, it didn’t mean it couldn’t be hidden. The store specialized in V-strings where a cock can be slipped into a prosthetic like pussy and will still allow for “pleasure”. Jizelle was forced to go up to the sales lady and start inquiring about buying one. The sales lady didn’t realize at first that Jizelle was a man (or use to be) and giggled uncontrollably while apologizing. She presented Jizelle with a few options and mentioned that in order to move forward, she would have to seethe cock. Pulling up the dress that Jizelle was wearing she needed some different opinions from the staff. Jizelle didn’t want this, but had no choice. The girls laughed and one mentioned, “if its any consolation, I would never fuck anything that small anyways so it should have been in one of these years ago…slut”. Looking back at Erika, she almost cried adjusting her dress and paying the staff for her new V-string. (to be continued)