Three Secrets About Long Distance Domination is right in line with our site of the month – Domination Phone Sex! Of course there are probably more than three secrets to reveal but today I’m featuring My Three Favorites! For some experienced with long distance domination perhaps these are not so secret to you. I want to know from those experienced kinksters what was one thing you learned about Distance Domination that you didn’t know before you engaged!

What Is Domination

When someone talks about Domination the first thing that probably pops into your mind is that stereotypical BDSM Dominatrix, clad in leather and lace weilding a paddle, crop or other naughty toy to exact pain upon  your flesh!  True, that is a form of Domination! However,  as I mentioned in my post Long Distance Domination [Three good reasons why] it doesn’t have to have those elements!  Domination simply implies that one is a

Domination Phone sex, Secrets about Long distance Domination

Submit, Obey

controlling influence over another. When thought of in this light the doors for distance domination starts to clear up that fog of uncertainty and our minds can ignite with all the naughty ways we can play!

One Secret About Long Distance Domination

So with the above understanding, your clever and naughty mind can imagine all the other ways we can play and I dominate you. Absolutely there can be leather paddles, canes , floggers, clothes pins. etcetera but one secret about long distance domination is that it’s  so much more than pain play! Does the idea of a beautiful woman ordering you into her panties, feel humiliating yet arousing? Panty boy play it is! Some other popular ways to control and dominate you include:

CEI– Cum eating
Cock Control– from chastity play to extreme edging, and everything in between including masturbation management are all on the table.
Cuckolding – Cuckolding is one of the top five requested type sessions. Ranging from talking about your desires, sharing your experiences, fantasy and role playing a cuckolding scene, to cuckold training
Feminization– Changing that male brain and body into a more feminine one.
Foot and or body worship- This type of play, even if in fantasy is a very submissive act. You are here for Her Pleasure, and using your hands, lips, tongue and even that dick to worship her will aid you in kink and in your vanilla life.
Unusual-  Even if you have an unusual kink, like tickling, Bukkake, giantess , hiccups, sneezing, and even scent play (olfactophilia) are all great ways to play and Dominate you!

Secret Number Two

You get what you give. An old adage but it rings true. For those who really want to feel what it is like to be owned and controlled your follow through on assignments and tasks are important! One delicious pet of mine when we were discussing their submissive journey, and I asked them for advice for the wanna be submissive. They said:

Commit, if you want the instruction, assignments, etc, do them. Otherwise you are cheating yourself and missing the point of distance domination.

Sometimes, the submissive doesn’t think a task or assignment is important, or even that erotic. But what you think, darling sub , is not the point. You didn’t come to me to think, did you? You came to me to explore your submissive nature. Sometimes a task is given to test you, to see how submissive you are. An example could be not to stand when you use the restroom,  and to always sit, This may seem more troublesome or even may seem unimportant, and not even that sexy. But trust me, there is a purpose.

To further extrapolate this point, Olivia and I have a 30 day sissy challenge at our phone sex assignment store. One delightful Sissy Clarissa reported back on her first day:

i received my 30 Day Sissy Challenge today and reviewed all 30 days to see what i was in for. Honestly, i was a little disappointed. i listened to the trance audio and thought about what lay in front of me and i was suddenly struck by the brilliance of Mistress Erika and Mistress Olivia. This challenge is not an all inclusive sissy training guide, but a framework for sissy to explore exactly what kind of sissy she is.

She then went on to explain her first day of activities, and came to understand the immense importance such a simple task actually is and went on to say:

i did want to convey how grateful i am to both of you for putting together the 30-Day Sissy Challenge. i feel that it will be transformative

So your commitment is important as well as shelving your expectations. Sissy was “disappointed” at first because what her expectations were, were not in line with the training. First submissive rule, you are an empty vessel (little or no expectations) for Mistress to fill. This is not to say you should not negotiate, that is absolutely on the table. Any Domination play you involve yourself in should always include negotiations, but once those negotiations have been established, time to open your mind and obey.

Lastly, if you are just going to pretend to do your tasks, that’s on you. Mistress knows, we usually have a 6th sense about these things. I will meet your energy and if that energy and commitment is low, then I will follow suit. Don’t worry, it’s all good, I have many many pets who just like to “play” at it in 30 min increments! But they are honest about their intent “I just want to be your slut for a little bit”. I appreciate  your honesty.

Secret Number Three

secrets about Domination Phone Sex


Online or distance domination is typically more affordable. I don’t have to pay for expensive overhead, travel, toys and such so those savings are passed along to you! In addition we have several ways for you to earn Free Phone Sex! Be a part of our kinky community (Holy crap I just typed cummunity, no kidding! I have cum on the brain!)  and in addition I sometimes run sexy promotions for you to win free erotic prizes, from free minutes, email exchanges and more. Since it’s my Birthday month (August)  I’m offering some naughty fun for you, check it out here: Hot Summer Phone Sex.

But wait there’s more ! 🤣Enchantrix Empire has Enchantrix Perks, you earn points for every call, save them up and cash them in for Free fun! We also have our Rate My Call option where one lucky reviewer wins 30 free minutes! In june a brand new naughty to me Won! We also run other promotions throughout the year, this month is hot AF! Check out how you can WIN 20 free phone sex minutes!

Secret 3.1 is discretion. For many discretion is paramount.  When we session, all I know about you is what you tell me. Even if we move to me watching you on cam, you can wear a mask, or just point that camera down to the important parts. I am not out to discover “who you are” and it is my absolute pleasure and honor for me to be that safe place for you to explore and play!

More Secrets About Long Distance Domination

As I mentioned in the intro, there are way more secrets to be discoverd when it comes to Long Distance Domination and I want to hear from you! Be part of the conversation and tell me. What one thing did you not know about Distance Domination before you engaged?

Until We Chat 💋

Domination Mistress Erika