Training your kink. I had a insightful email recently asking if I would be interested in training with a particular kink.I replied with an emphatic: YES! Training and exploring your kinky predictions is one of my favorite things to do! Because of his inquiry,  I thought I’d put it out there as a reminder, for interested eyes, of the kinks I’ve had some fun with. Don’t despair if you don’t see your kink listed, just hit me up in an email and we’ll discuss!

Cock Sucker Training

Informal or regimented training your kink, your oral fixation, will certainly get a work out with me! Learning to appreciate the various ways your mouth can please a cock. Some of you have only had fantasies about it, never uttering your naughty secret to anyone. Others are well on their way, exploring orally pleasing one or more cocks! Where ever you land on the cocksucker continuum we’ll have fun! Check out a fun post about cock sucker training.

Feminization Training

From pantie play to drag queen “wild” we’ll tease that girl inside outside! So many ways to work on your girly journey. Not sure of your feminine style? We’ll go shopping! But it can be so much more!  You might have a lot of questions regarding your feminine feelings, like:  If you are feeling feminine does that mean you’re gay? Does your desire to explore you femininity mean you are transgender?

Your Kink

Training Your Kink

Perhaps you can explore only in fantasy, as many do. Others  have more ability to dress, wax have mani-pedi’s and more! Let’s talk about your boundaries for your feminine training and create a lesson plan to make you the best “you” can be!

Foot and Body Worship

Learning to appreciate every soft curve, every feminine nuance to stoke the fires of your interests and explode your kink.  I can train you for foot service, leg , ass ,breast- you get the idea! I’ll create a lesson plan so you may fully express your love of a particular body part or all! Training your cock to respond, desire, focus  and only release when told. If you’re a good boy, perhaps On that body part? (yea, I read your mind, naughty!) We’ll see.


Chastity training, Everyone has reasons why they should be in chastity. What are yours? I have some reasons of my own why every male should try chastity at some point in his life. Will I lock you up and allow a yearly cum? Perhaps once a month? Week? That remains to be seen. I’d love to chat with you about your thoughts and feelings on chastity.

Submissive Training

That’s right you read it correctly: Submissive Training. Many think they know what it is to be submissive. Many are right. However I encounter men every day who think kneeling and begging is all that there is to be done! Although, admittedly, those are some sexy and arousing images it’s not all there is about being a submissive. What is your experience ? Your idea of what being a submissive looks like? Don’t worry if you are new, I’ll take it slow. Mmm, real slow like I do with some of my Cock Control games. Cock control is a gateway activity to your submission. Read more about my thoughts on the subject with my Guided Masturbation post

What You Can Expect

I’m a sensual Dominant Woman, training your kink is a lot of fun for me! I work hard along with you to help you reach your goals. I find it very rewarding. So  when I give instructions I expect them to be followed. Simple as that. I don’t expect you to do poorly, but if you do there are consequences. Since I’m such an amiable person generally, I don’t take kindly to insolence and feel you’ve taken advantage of My good nature.

Basically:   Don’t screw up or you will see a whole different dimension of me.

With that said, some of you do require a firm and strict nature. I can provide ten fold. This is where our “getting to know you” emails and sessions come in. We will devise a lesson plan based on your boundaries. No ” How to Whip Up a Sissy” manual here! Are you able to email? Text sessions only? These are all particulars we’ll discuss.  Also, with any training there will be tests and  challenges. Both negative and positive punishment for failures. Rewards for success. Simple concepts, but a bit more complex to administer.

So what kind of training are you interested in?

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika