Harsh Humiliation Sessions are not uncommon, so when I realized I hadn’t written about humiliation in a while I gave myself a stern talking-to and swift swats! Only kidding, but I was gobsmacked! Humiliation calls of all varieties are popular here at the Empire! I know I’ve talked before about the whys and wherefores of humiliation but seeing I was so naughty and it’s been a while we’ll start with a Humilation recap!

How Can I Humiliate You, I Don’t Even Know You

Humiliatrix 18+Just that one line, how can I humiliate you if I don’t know you, speaks volumes. Humiliation is very subjective and has limitless subjects, styles, and types of humiliation play! What is humiliating for one person, may not be humiliating for another. For example, If someone called me a dirty little slut. I just might laugh and say Thank you! I wouldn’t be humiliated by their declaration. Why? My default process is: are they even adept enough to make that evaluation? What’s their worth to me, are they even worthy enough for me to care about their opinion? Second, I don’t see a damn thing wrong with being a dirty little slut when I chose to be. You’re just annoyed I’m not that slut with you!

But that’s me. Many people would be horrified to be seen as a dirty slut to anyone!  They might agree secretly, to themselves, that they consider their desires or behavior as slutty. However for another person to hold their truths up to them, those secret thoughts move from embarrassment to humiliation. Embarrassment is something you do to yourself, you drop a cup or trip on the carpet. Humiliation is when someone deliberately does something to hurt you.

Therefore with any humiliation session,  I need to get to know you. Or you need to say “This or that”, really is a fantastic virtual kick in the nuts, for me, Mistress.”  The humiliation I offer in sessions is often referred to as erotic humiliation.

Erotic Humiliation vs Other Humiliation

I hear you saying “Isn’t humiliation, humiliation”? Yes and no, when we feel humiliated, just like physical pain play our bodies come to our defense! Dumping a cocktail of hormones to help you process what is happening, to help manage the pain response, and to lessen it. Everyday Humiliation, being called out in a meeting for poor performance was meant to hurt you and motivate you to the behavior they want from you, having your loved one find you fully feminized and seeing the shock and look on their face, their screams of disbelief in fantasy may be hot hot hot, but for those who have experienced it “real-time” not so much. Oh sure you have the same responses, but it “hits” differently.

Erotic Humiliation is humiliation but the goal is to arouse you, to purposely hurt and arouse you. Not for other purposes. I see humiliation as a play device, just like a vibrator or other sexual aid, it’s used to arouse and yes sometimes control. Once the scene is done, aftercare reassures them they are ok, that I care and appreciate them “Going there for me”. We are now two people who like each other’s company and what I humiliated you “OVER” or “WITH” is in the past.  I don’t see YOU “as your humiliation”.  If I humiliated you over being a little dick loser, you just may have a little dick, nothing I can say or do will change that, but I won’t necessarily see you as a LOSER! In addition and with few exceptions,  won’t humiliate you over your dick outside of the session.

Harsh Humiliation Sessions [sliding down that rabbit hole]

A preponderance of humiliation addicts (just like with any drug) become desensitized to a certain level or style of humiliation. What once was a “zinger” is more like a tickle. What happens is over time their brain needs more and more of the “drug” of humiliation to get the same explosive result.   Therefore at the beginning of their journey, someone points and giggles with a comment like “Is that all you have”, about his “manhood”, the response is like the fourth of July. We have explosions and eruptions a-plenty!  So slut  explores and experiences a similar level and style of humiliation, and ends up chasing a bigger high. What is that bigger high? Depends, but usually it equates to expanding the field of play, or an adjustment in styles of humiliation. Going from teasing and sensual to a more intense style. Many find themselves in the deep end of the pool. Remember one of those exceptions I mentioned above?

Here is one such example: LTSC, PW, or known around Enchantrix by many humiliating monikers. This is his mindset today, decades of humiliation “therapy” as he likes to call it. He was referring to my post When a Submissive Trusts a Mistress 

I am continually drawn back to the power of this blog post’s title. The power that a beautiful, intelligent Mistress like you has over the submissive mind is frightening…and frighteningly addictive.Even typing this, I can hear you laughing out loud when you read this. It’s genuine laughter, which makes it more demoralizing…and arousing.I become a little more frightened of and a little more intimidated by you with each session.And our relationship is truly built on sessions; to refer to them merely as calls would undermine the therapeutic impact on me. And regardless of my opinion on that matter, I am all too aware that you would not tolerate that attitude.

I trust you implicitly, Headmistress Erika, and I fear you tremendously.

It is my privilege to be one of your many faithful sad sack subbies.

For This Particular Humiliation Addict

The journey is pretty far down the rabbit hole, starting (as most do) very early. His brain and his loins experience giggling, insulting comments, and smirks when many knew and gossiped about his tiny member.
Here are just a few things thiserotic humiliation 18+ slut has done chasing that humiliation high.
In the beginning with his most obvious (or not ha!) point of shame, his tiny dick. I hesitate to even call it a dick, it’s more a clit and belongs in panties. I digress.

He was involved in a long-term relationship where a little small cock hitched his caboose to the humiliation train, cross-dressing, humping stocking-covered legs, and getting pegged like the bitch he is!

She took him along on a lady’s night out at the male strip club. Not because she wanted his company,.But to humiliate and use his money to pay for lap dances for her and her girlfriends while sad sack subbie looking on wondering if that could be him GETTING lap dances if he had an ounce of MAN or a decent cock between those legs! His journey is replete with humiliation scenes and tasks. Don’t feel sorry for him, trust me he was a dripping little faucet in his panties and pantyhose under his slacks.

Another Few Rungs Down That Submissive Humiliation Rabbit Hole

Now down that rabbit hole a bit more, he had the luck of meeting me. A safe place to be an exposed bitch. Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? This is what is important. Having that trusted humiliatrix who gets her OWN high from bossing you around, where all my cylinders are firing rapidly,  it’s my legal high too! I don’t like to break my toys and give up the power you’ve so willingly surrendered to me. So regardless of how real the intimidation seems, ultimately I won’t destroy you if you are fun to be around and mind your P’s and Q’s.

You see when you play fast and loose with humiliation you might find yourself in a real scenario that will impact your work-a-day world forever, to avoid that mess, you come to me. I absolutely will make you feel it’s very real, as I excel at Blurring the Lines between fantasy And Reality

It’s Just Too Graphic

NE way getting back to little t.  I am covering up that filthy rabbit hole that I was considering opening up but decided with prudent judgment not to. You see, he was tasked to write a blog about his exploits with me,  that I would roll out here, but after reviewing and considering all things the list and phrasing contain things that are way over the top for my R-rated blog! Such depravity should be held close to the vest.  However, I’ll be happy to share some of what’s in that document in a session.

[No tiny tommy it’s your tough luck. You lose again, and I don’t want to hear from you. You and I both know the rules and “you should have thought about that before”.
*smug look* Good sit there and shut up, just like in session with one of my Mistress friends.]

Little tommy loves to be bullied by women, so If you were to say, I’m humiliating pee-wee, LTSC, sad sack subbie all over again, with this post, You would be right! it’s fun and demonstrative! (insert laughing here)  I rarely can share with you some of the people,  I’ve enjoyed time with and discuss their particular kink.  I certainly can’t write about everyone, it’s not physically possible. Not to mention not everyone would want me to!  I honor and respect the boundaries of those I play with. But when I can bring you, give you a peek at this side of the phone I will!  I’m sure the p-ster is delighted his discomfort helps me and gives him a quick swift kick in his sad sack sissy nuggets.

Don’t Bombard Me With “ME ME ME” Please

This blog begins a series of blogs I’ll be writing this year, about various people with whom I’ve received permission. I think it helps those considering this type of play a really gives you a rich example of the experience you willhumiliation hurts so good 18+ erotic humiliation have with me. By no means does your request to be talked about on my blog result in any absolutes on my part. Just that I would consider it. If you don’t session with me now, you can begin now. I won’t speak about your “cold”, and if you are new to me, Mmm probably not for a while. My list is long for those clamoring for their 15 seconds of fame on my blog,  and you will be patient. I must have a great deal of trust in you and with you before I make my final decision. little tommy has been Enchantrix’s and My little slut for a long time

WTF Is Wrong With You

From my perspective, I don’t see a damn thing “Wrong with you” we are aroused by what we are aroused by! Play smart, play safe, and let’s roll. But if you find your craving for humiliation is impeding other things in your life, if you ignore other parts of your life or find your self-esteem in the tank, then we need to talk about that as well. If your desires are just too damn risky and very well can wind you up in jail, Stop. Breathe and let’s move in a different direction. But just by the very nature of liking humiliation, there’s nothing wrong with you and we can talk about that as well a bit more in-depth, in session.

Until I Humiliate You

Your Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress


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