Are you one of My Favorite Sissy Gurls? That’s a silly question, as all of my sissy gurls are my favorite! Each one of you brings something special and unique to the table! I’m not just blowing smoke up your petticoats, ladies, I love variety and ya’ll provide tenfold! Now if I were to list all of the sexy and sassy sissy gurls here I could see a revolt akin to the french revolution, as I’m sure to leave someone out! I’m human, after all.  I’m not here to hurt you, sissy gurl. Well, unless of course, you beg me to! Then I’d happily remove my bitch slapper from the hook in my office, where it is proudly displayed, and apply it to your upturned pantied bottom! This post is going to be about some of my Favorite Sissy TYPES and some of the gurls who represent those sexy types!


Sissy Maid

Sissy Maid Training 18+ 1-800-601-6975Sissy Maids come first because what Mistress doesn’t love a service sissy submissive? I can doll you up in the traditional pretty sissy maid uniform like Nancy boi does for his wife! That’s right crew, a bonafide sissy husband. Nancy boi has been perfectly conditioned to be a sissy husband from the get! She was never like other guys, and she knew it. I spoke more about Nancy Boi here: Female-Led Relationship
One fantastic evolution to Nancy Boi’s life is the lack of penetration she will experience! Her wife would allow penetration every other week, because as she puts it “I don’t mind”. Think about that response!
“Are you sure I can put it in?” Her: I don’t mind! LOL, I laughed so hard when Nancy first told me! How humiliating for a man to have their WIFE say that! But we know Nancy has had her man card revoked decades ago, but it still stings! Recently Nancy and I discussed that disgusting act for a sissy husband: Penetration! Nancy is no longer going to wet her clit every other week! Now it’s only during special holiday times if that. Let’s all celebrate Nancy boi’s EVOLUTION moving towards pussy free sissy maid!

Other Sexy Maids, and Service Sissies

Little peg, my sweet gurl who not only adores her maid dress but all the tasks associated with service. Tea in chastity? Sign her up, she would love to serve high tea in a sheer apron and her little pink cage! Although she would make a fantastic sissy husband, that’s not in the cards right now for Peg! Peg is also a member at Enchantrix Empire and enjoys sharing her girlie self with us! She is also a prolific blog commenter and I am going to bet she’s the first to comment on this one! Peg shops in person for her girlie things, and has told me so many fun stories of her shopping exploits! Peg is prolific with her comments on blogs, sharing of her girlie pictures and does what she can to make me smile! Do you like to perform tasks for Mistress? Do you identify with a sissy maid or service sissy? Sound off below!

Favorite Sissy Gurls Slut Edition

Who doesn’t like a brazen sissy slut? I certainly cannot resist! The first on this list would have to be Maxxie and little Tommy small cock, or as you may know her other monikers:  LTSC or pee wee! As you can imagine, many sissy gurls enjoy some level of humiliation and humiliating tasks, these two are charting on the debauched sissy scale!

Now to be fair, to sissy sluts far and wide LTSC didn’t start out as a sissy, but was TURNED INTO ONE by her tiny appendage between her legs. It was just SPH on those old “chat lines” I hear they used to have. So what started out as being a small cock submissive, slowly evolved into a full-blown crossdressing panty, pantyhose-wearing trussed-up slut! Sucking cocks, drooling cum down her mouth. We even went to the adult bookstore, for naughty tasks, with me on the phone with her!  She also loves to play with risky behavior similar to my girl the gooner slut I spoke about  Gooner Girl Exposed. I have over 500 compromising files on her, that I review regularly and even SHARE with my Mistress friends! She’s recently revealed even more salacious details, but since SHE is not a sissy, those details will have to wait for another blog. My reference to her was an example of risky behavior!

Pain Slut Sissy

Maxxie maxxie maxxie what can I say about Maxxie? I can’t even talk about some of the depraved humiliating things she has done for me! Maxxie is a depraved pain sissy slut. LTSC is mostly pain for that brain, but with maxxie she wants all the pain! Physical,  mental, and ongoing tormenting pain! The shining example for all pain sluts: “MY pain is your pleasure, please let me suffer for you!” Maxxie has a toy box to be envied, with various toys, nipple clamps, suckers, dildos butt plugs, slappers, crops, and floggers glass thrusters and plugs (thank you Ms Rachel!) ! But she also looks smoking hot in her girlie things! She not only has an extensive lingerie wardrobe but dresses,too!

Cock Sucking Sissy

My sweet Kimmy, who is a lovely cocksucker for me routinely entertains and pleases me with her newfound expertise with sucking cock! She will also apply some well places swats on that upturned bottom so ye, she is a bit of a pain slut too, but focus is on that cock! Now don’t get me wrong the first time I saw her suck for me it was FUN ad sje was GOOD, but being experienced, I saw room for improvement. After all, just sliding that mouth up and down is a good thing, but cock WORSHIP? Leveling up that sissy! YES! She recently did a cum cube assignment for me, incorporating the taste and scent of her cum to add to her cock sucking practice sessions! WOW talk about a cum load! It was HUGE! Have you ever saved up your sissy cream to be used for Mistress’s pleasure? I want to know!

Shopping Sissy Or Not?

Sissy Shopping 18+ 1-800-601-6975There are shopping sissy gurls who just love to shop shop shop! Another of my favorite sissy gurls is the shopping sissy! I love combining Skype/text with these sessions as we can easily share links and comments and “Shop” together! How much fun would it be to set up an appointment for nails or get your hair done during the session? There are some ground rules that I require all my sissy gurls to follow. You must obey them or else!

There are a few shopping sissy gurls I love spending time with, but I have a conundrum. Perhaps you can help me vet this out. Missy loves to come to me and we spend a lot of time shopping for bras and panties, pretty dresses, and MORE!  Keep in mind  Missy, isn’t a cocksucking sissy, she’s not a sissy slut. I’m even having a challenge referring to her AS a sissy, as in truth Missy is a panty bitch. Mild to medium humiliation, after all admitting to the ladies in the shop (fantasy) that you are there shopping for panties for yourself is humiliating enough, right? So Is Missy “just” a panty bitch that likes to be feminized by women seeking revenge for disrespectful behavior? Missy does not want cock. Missy doesn’t want dildos or sissy pussy play. She just wants to be coerced into feminization to make penance for the wrongs she’s done as a penis creature.

So I ask you, is Missy “just a panty bitch” or a shopping sissy?


More More More Sissy FUN!

Of course, there are so many other ways to be sissy, and so many other girls I play with. But I don’t have permission to chat about them all, remember I may be a sexy-ass evil bitch sometimes, but I’m an ethical sexy-ass evil bitch! LOL

If you notice I only mentioned a couple of styles of sissy, but there are so many more girls out there! I purposely focused on Sissy, as many come to me that are more into feminization, vs sissification! There is a difference, as there are people into crossdressing who love being a male but want to play en femme sometimes, I don’t consider them sissy gurls! Of course, if they choose to use that term, that’s fine by me.
But I want to hear from you! Do you fit into one of these sexy sissy types? Do you have a sissy “type” I’ve not mentioned! Sound off below, or email me! I Can’t wait to session with you!

Until I sissy you up!
Mistress Erika 18+

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