As your clever mind may have surmised this post is about navigating the kink options afforded to you at LDW/Enchantrix! Although, I tease these options on Twitter, and Enchantrix Empire (our social kinky network) I thought a deeper exploration and a permanent spot for reference is  needed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my little tour of your kink options in our little corner of the www!

Artisans Of Kink

Kink Play 18+It may seem strange to use the words “Artisans of kink” but it is so appropriate. Artisan means someone skilled at a craft. There are numerous skills we have acquired to ensure you have a quality experience. Simply put you benefit from our skills, and no strings attached! Unless you want them, then as many strings as you desire, or agreed upon between you and Mistress.  The Women at Enchantrix excel in their craft,  and this brings me to my first stop on this kinky drive.

Enchantrix Empire (LDW) is dedicated to the art of BDSM and kinky play. We are an empire comprised of a multitude of kink-specific sites, with a focus on Female Domination. Not to throw shade at others, but we are selected for our experience and knowledge about kink and fetishes. We are way more than “ooh fuck me fuck me harder, yes yes yes!”, not that there is anything wrong with that.

We offer more than Domination sessions including weaving erotic fantasies and roleplay scenes to tinkering, 😳I mean, training and developing new skills which will benefit you for years to cum. Many request Domination sessions to stretch your submissive muscles and/or explore your submissive side.

One Huge Misconception

About Femdom Phone Sex is:  it’s always about orgasms or lack thereof, or It’s about pain play, and discipline!  Not true, many come to us for what I refer to as BFT or best friend therapy. Experienced, knowledgable offering a safe place to be you, to ask questions, and receive support. With me you can count on sound advice and suggestions for you to consider as you manage your desires. This is a very valuable option for many, as many have no one to speak with about their needs and desires.  I’m proud of my ability to help others with their challenges and struggles over their “less than mainstream” desires.

We do all of the above in a variety of ways. Some are things you can purchase, like sessions, products, and even erotic audios. Although I’m not the end all be all of phone sex knowledge regarding what other companies offer, what I’ve seen out there, I know we offer so much more! How many other sites do you visit and you have no opportunity to hear the lady’s voice, or delve deep with your due diligence and read years of erotic fodder she’s published before you call? Where can you friend her, and socialize with her? From what I hear from those who are in touch with me, We Are Heads And Cocks above the rest! Let’s continue our journey!

Speaking Of Getting To Know Mistress


Each of the ladies can choose what sites she wants to put a profile on18+ cock control. We write our profiles ourselves, so right away you are learning about our style and interests. But the profile is so much more than our message to you! You have links to a voice sample, their blog, and photos! Take my Profile, for example.

You can find my email address, an icon for my X profile, a number to call, the click-to-call option as well as other links. Please be aware, however, that although I think I’m on every site I want to be on, please don’t hesitate to reach out because you don’t see me on a particular site or genre of Kink. I just may have neglected to put up a profile! Reach out and ask. I promise I won’t bite unless you ask me to!


Since you are here, right now on my blog, I want to congratulate you! You know about another Gem at the Empire! Mistress Blogs! But my blog is more than me “speaking into the ether”! I love your comments and engagement, keep it PG13 and positive!

If you explore my blog, you’ll see plenty to keep you busy! There’s a schedule tab, where you can find out when I’ll be on for open calls, and how to arrange for appointments. I have an audio page and a pre-call questionnaire!  I am not going to list everything.  You can spend an entire day looking through my blog and other offerings and I’m asking you to do so! The internet Gods have determined that the length of time spent,  and how many pages were visited will deem them “Worthy” based on the number of pages and length spent on your visit!  This will rank those “Worthy” sites higher in their search results.
So you have your marching orders! Spend time with me and my blog as often and repeatedly as possible!

What’s also fantastic about our blogs is at the bottom we have a “Blog roll” listing all of my Mistress Friends and their blogs! We are connected at the Empire!


Just like any other professional Dominatrix, you purchase one-on-one time with us. Discretion is our priority, and for those where discretion is paramount, you will find a safe place to be with us. Our dispatchers process your session request, and send you directly to us! I never see any of your billing information. Phone sessions can be processed by our dispatchers, or through our click-to-call feature where you fill out a web form, never speak to a dispatcher, and send you right to me!

Regardless if our session is focused on distance domination, fantasy, roleplay, or training the options are the same. Sessions can be traditional phone sessions, but I also offer texting sessions via a third-party app! With the app, you can share your screen, or even be on cam for me! CFNM afficandos love our cam option! Not down with installing a third-party app? We have our very own sexy texting chatroom. I also offer erotic email exchanges which work brilliantly when you don’t have predictable alone time. I’ve had fun with erotic training like feminization to erotic storytelling, and erotic confessions all via email. As you can surmise these emails are not the “out of session” emails I will exchange. Setting up appointments, and reviewing scripts are all free for you to use. But adult XXX talk, that’s compensatable, butter buns!

Free Kinky Options 18+Free Erotic Kink Options

As I teased earlier you have more erotic options than your traditional session. Often with those new to services like this it takes some time and lurking for you to pull that trigger! We are more than happy to help move you along your journey! We have two forums, where Mistresses often visit and engage: Get Girlie and Tease Mania.

Enchantrix Empire is our kinky social network, and is easy to navigate and engage! There is an approval process so when you sign up, you’ll receive an email once you have been approved. One reason why I love Enchantrix is that it’s “OURS”. We do not tolerate bullying, or negative talk intended to criticize or condemn. We are a group of kinksters, there to celebrate our differences and offer support through our community for your journey.

With that said you might be an eyewitness to Mistresses sending their pets on assignments, perhaps to post things related to their submission to her, and see how they interact. Since this happens in the public forum of our password-protected sites, you can also engage.  Fair warning, please. Mistress is allowed to humiliate her pet, as she and their boundaries dictate. You, however, are not necessarily welcome to humiliate the submissive or critique Mistress directly. May you say something like “WOW” or “That’s so intense” YES, or share your experience,  but you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon unless you have been given consent by the pet and or Mistress to do so, if you are unsure reach out, I’ll spell it out for you.

Kinky Podcast Options

Some of the ladies have a podcast, free to listen or join in on the chat! My partner in all things Kinky is the lovely Mistress Olivia of Experienced Mistress, and we do a weekly (pre-recorded) podcast called The Weekly Hot Spot.

Olivia and I have a lot of fun, and it’s proven to be a safe place to listen learn and laugh! Our BDSM kink podcast encompasses most things kinky!

We have had some of the other Enchantrix Mistresses on as guests, and others who are in the realm of BDSM and kink. Like Alice Little, Max from tOuchkink (documentary) and so many more interesting guests. Check it out and let me know if are there topics you want to hear us talk about. Join us weekly for your dose of kink and fun! We routinely go off on “safari”, which our fans indicate they love!

erotic audio, cock radio 18+

Erotic Audio And Assignments $

We also offer custom audio options and “out of the box options”  Erotic Audios is for custom audios, do you have a script or an idea for sexy audio? This is where you want to go.
If you want to review some of the premade audios we have to offer, then you will visit Phone Sex Audios.

For assignments, many who are into the D/s dynamic on various levels love to do tasks and be of service. If you are not “so subbie” that’s ok too!  We offer a wide range of assignments, from cock control, cock sucking, feminization and so much more! The only limit is the Mistress and her imagination! Oh Hey, I just thought of something. Do you have an idea for an assignment? Check out phone sex assignments to get a feel for what it’s all about. If you think you have a fantastic idea about an assignment package I can produce I want to hear from you! Comment below or email me.

Where’s The Links

I know I gave you a lot of information and a lot of sites, we are an Empire of Kink! Lucky for you we have one site with all of our sites listed! Keep your hands out of your pockets and visit PhoneSexBoutique for all the links to the sites I mentioned. Well, wait a minute! Holy Crp! I can’t believe I forgot bout the erotic essays on all the sites! There may be a site or two without erotica but every Kink-specific site has a library of essays about the kink!

Wow, will the benefits of being in our orbit ever end? I’ve been working on this blog for days, thinking about, and trying to include,  all the examples of engagement we offer and every day, I remember something ELSE I didn’t think about! If that happens (anyone taking bets?) I’ll update the blog with an emphasis on what was missed.

But before I leave you, I’m going to give you probably the MOST valuable advice I can, outside of session! (laughs) and that is for you to check out Enchantrix Perks, our reward program. Where you earn points for every session, add up those points, and cash them in for free minutes! There is also the Enchantrix Weekly, providing you updates about the phone sex specials and what the ladies are offering! Remember the site, Enchantrix Perks, sign up, and start earning rewards!

Oh WAIT More Free Minutes

There’s another way you can earn FREE minutes and give your Mistress a boost! We are fun but serious about providing you with a quality experience! Our Rate My Call, option. When you do any sort of session you are invited to review it! Every session, that you do qualifies. Speak to Mistress 2x this week? Review 2x because each review is entered into a drawing to win 30 minutes FREE! Check out some of My Mistress Reviews, and remember, although their kink may not align with yours, one thing is glaringly true: How much they loved their time with me!

Ok, this post is long and I need to end it at some point! Enjoy all the kinky options at your naughty fingertips!

Until We Chat

Mistress Erika 18+